25th Chapter of Kolkata SMBTS: YouTube may take time to take over Television

The 25th chapter of Kolkata Social Media Breakfast organized by Twitsnaps took off successfully on Friday March 25, 2011. The discussion focused on if Youtube is taking over television. The group raised several questions dealing with online marketing and revenue generation. The opinion also took grounds that among the modern forms of marketing and promotion strategies, Youtube stands very reasonable medium. Amidst all the debate, breakfast often takes the back seat!

· Youtube is a repository of information; Television throws down through your throat, things you don’t like

· For people who have no time to watch television, the Youtube is an excellent means of information. You can watch footages, soaps, and advertisement in your own leisure hours

· For a brand’s promotion demography is very important, which segment is being targeted and why Youtube or television will be used

· Mobile applications have enhanced the use of Youtube

· Youtube will still need time to penetrate to the masses

· A minimum per cent of people use internet in India, while television still earns he maximum through advertisement.

· The brand can be enhanced with the use of Youtube mostly for products targeting the youth users. But, television still has greater reach.

· Youtube promises a better future to brand promotion, because of its cost effectiveness. Making and airing a video could cost you nothing.

The group also arrived to some concluding facts-

· Youtube and television do not compete they are complimentary to each other. So, you cannot say that one would surpass the other.

· In India, use of Youtube in daily life is limited to just around 10 per cent of the urban mass though a million videos updated every day.

· Promotion of product through Youtube depends on the type of product, the medium through which the link is spread i.e post in Facebook or Twitter.

· Two case studies on Youtube success- first, the auditions of America’s Got Talent show was done via Youtube airing. Secondly, Blentec, a firm dealing with blenders and mixers made their video advertisement of 50 dollars. The Return on Investment (ROI) was much more than the expected amount.

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