Google’s “Plus one” ….+1

Google has come up with +1 pronounced as “Plus One” it is simply a “social layer” that Google has said would come. It will allow us to do +1 on many things across the web.

You can start of by +1 your Favorite Google Search Results. You can share your liking of the result publicly to your social network. The +1 social network, which is different than your Google Social Search network, your Facebook network and your Twitter network.+1 Results From Your Network In Search. When you do a search when logged into Google, any results that you’ve +1′d — or which have been +1′d by those in your network will be enhanced. This means if a search result has gained a lot of +1s but not from people in your network, you’ll still be told the total without anyone being named. That way, you can get a sense of how popular the page might be generally with +1 users. It also comes with +1 For AdWords. Aside from Google’s search listings; you can also +1 on your favorite ads from Google AdWords that show up in search results.
Google is also planning to add +1 For Web Sites that is you not only see them in the search results but website owners will be able to put these buttons on their web pages. Similar to Facebook’s Like buttons and Twitter’s Tweet buttons.

Termed as Google’s social search, that is a way in which Google shows things that those in your social network have created or shared that are relevant to searches you do.

The web surely is going the social way !

Komal Arora
Manager – Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited


  1. #1 by simula67 on August 1, 2011 - 5:06 pm

    This means however that you need to be logged in while you search, which means what you search for will be logged against your name. NO THANKS.

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