What is WPI?

Web Presence Index or WPI indicates the status of a website’s web presence or the extent of success of its online marketing or Public Relations activity; taking the spread of Google as the yardstick. It measures and analyzes results of the online marketing efforts or publicity campaign and checks the status of a website corresponding to the online presence of Google. A website can enhance its presence by personifying the Company in the best possible way and boosting up its online marketing. This forms the foundation for WPI of the site. Logo, mission statements, taglines, product-lines, brands and their extensions all need to be clearly incorporated with in the website. The Online Marketing and Public Relations activity must be lively and interesting in order to come up to the comparison of Google.

The best part of WPI is it is used for a comparative analysis of the investment made on online marketing and the revenue generated out of it keeping Google as a referral point.

Factors affecting WPI

Size Matters: Size of the site plays a very important role as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Size gives space for a lot of content, pictures and graphics. While comparing the WPI of two sites it is very important to consider the size of both the sites.
Content Rules: Content should capture the visitor’s attention. Content reflects the purpose of the site. A Corporate Site must be transparent and easy in navigation where as in commercial sites keywords must be gracefully embedded and content must be captivating to the target audience.

Offline Support system: Online presence is always complimented by offline activities. Corporates must reflect the transparency shown in the site. The services promised must be delivered by the commercial sites as per the norms given in the site.

Social media presence: Social Media reaches out to a lot of people. It can fetch good traffic to the site. A good Social media profile is a must for increasing the site’s performance. Twitter and Facebook are extensively used for promotional activities. These social networking sites provides an extensive platform that lets the company to promote its products and services; interact with customers and also get feed back about the product. Few companies have a person exclusively to handle these social media accounts.

Strong Backlinks and index links: With the support of backlinks and index links the WPI of any site can be enhanced to a great level as the credibility of the sites where the site is mentioned and also their presence is taken into account.
WPI is also affected by changing socio-economic conditions, market trends and consumer behaviour, latest technologies etc.


Not many WPI calculators are available in the web sphere. The Siteinspector.com, developed by Compare Infobase Limited, is one such site that calculates WPI for any given site. Its rich unique features offer a lot of help to the webmasters across the globe, in knowing where their site stands in comparison to Google. It doesn’t stop at giving the WPI but also provides and extensive comparison of the site with three other sites provided by the visitor. The site gives a lot of flexibility. It can be contacted for tips and suggestions that can increase the WPI of a site to a great extend. Registering with this site makes monitoring easier. It not just gives a comprehensive report when logged in but also a comparative analysis with the websites to be compared with. It summaries Quantcast, Alexa and Compete analyzed data and ranking about the website in one go!

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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