The 49th SMBTS- “Social Media and Social Life: Are we missing the negatives for profits?” -The Delhi Chapter

The 49th session of Social Media Breakfast by, owned by Compare Infobase Limited was conducted at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri West, at 8:30 AM. The MeetUp enthusiastically discussed on the topic “Social Media and Social Life: Are we missing the negatives for profits?”. The MeetUp felt individuals’ physical social lives do get affected by developing an addiction of Social Media. However, for few others the Social Media platform has opened up a new avenue for associating with new individuals and meeting them in the real world, thus growing their Social life.

Members who made it for the MeetUp were Simar, Kaushik, Daman, Haru, Anushka, Puneet, Neha, Saumya and Priya

Following points were shared during the course of discussion:

Members who felt that Social Media affects the physical social life raised the following points.

· Social Media addiction creates withdrawal symptoms. It makes individuals hook onto Social Media when they have leisure time by moving away from other hobbies and socializing.
· The number of real world introverts increase as individuals get satisfaction out of virtual interactions.
· With social media individual project them as they want them to be projected as. In real life faking is less.
· Addiction can become so intense that individuals can develop sleeplessness.
· Immature minds and teenagers can get into wrong company if there is no proper guidance/ supervision from elders. They can create accounts giving false inputs.
· Culture of each country is diluted with Social Media interactions.
· Creativity dies gradually as individuals spend more time sitting over the Internet.

Points that favored Social Media socializing

· Social media has proved to be one of the best ways of promoting business and reaching out people.
· Virtual socializing through social media compliments physical world socializing.
· Marketers use social media to the maximum. Its work for them.
· Social media interactions help establish and maintain relationships that can culminate into real world relationships. Social Media Breakfasts are the best examples.
· Cultural integration is happening through social media, which is not cultural dilution.
· Social media helps introverts to share their thoughts. If there is no platform to share that may affect them as individuals.
· It is subjective when it comes to choosing whether to spend time on social media or on hobbies and creativity.

The session was rich in information and relating them to real life experiences. The Meetup concluded on a note that was agreeable to either side, that, there is a scope for social media addiction when one is introduced to it. When used properly it can lead to more physical social interactions reducing the number of real world introverts. If discipline is abided over social media platforms, it can do wonders!

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– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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