Its 50!

Social Media Breakfast conducted by, a Compare Infobase Limited project, is reaching a milestone – 50 Social Media Breakfast Sessions in a row! It is a pleasure to announce the 50th Social Media Breakfast! The Members will discuss on “Is Social Media a mere Technology Evolution or a Phenomenal Cultural Revolution? or Both?”. The Meetup is scheduled on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:30 AM at Iris Hometel, Harinagar, Delhi. The organizers expect around 25 members to attend the breakfast discussion.

The initiative of these Social Media enthusiasts is so much that this Meetup group has probably become the only Meetup group in India to reach the milestone of 50 successive Meetups. “50 episodes for any Meetup in India is a rarity, 50 Meetups for any Social Media Breakfast group is a first time” Says Simarprit Singh, CEO, Compare Infobase Limited. All members are really excited about this special 50th session and suggested an extensive list of topics they would like to discuss. Out of the topics the one suggested by Aashish, was chosen. The new venue and menu adds on to the excitement.

A small Meetup group that started off a year ago with the motive of discussing Social Media has now grown into a mature group of 147 Social Media professionals / enthusiasts. Talking about his experience on SMBTS, Simar says “Its all about ideas in small steps … 50 Meetups, 50 knowledge sharing sessions, 50 thoughts, 50 blogposts under the Team Infobase, a lot has been learnt, a lot has been documented, a lot has been shared at every stage. Encouraged by the response of SMBTS in Delhi we decided to start a Kolkata Chapter too. 28 episodes of SBMTS have happened in Kolkata. Now we are looking forward to doing the first SMBTS in San Jose, the three cities, all would have SMBTS every week once San Jose office also starts SMBTS”. When asked about the coinage of SMBTS Simar said, “SMB stands for Social Media Breakfast and TS stands for Twitsnaps, which is a Compare Infobase Limited project on photo and video sharing for Twitter”.

50 weeks on and SMBTS has become a part of each members’ life. It is that significant aspect that adds on to make it a perfect blend for a weekend. Members meet, share, and learn new ideas. The best part is, they experiment the newly learnt ideas on to their projects or businesses and evolve better working strategies. “On one side, I get to hear expert views from people from different companies and websites. On the other side, we have this young team who keeps experimenting moves and strategies. It’s great to hear from them and their own ideas about the whole thing. It has become a habit now to be there on each Friday morning and then go back to work and test some of those new ideas every week and some of them have really made a difference to what I do” says Manvinder Singh, President MapXL Inc.

Members find it a fantastic concept: a platform not just to learn and discuss Social Media but also have fun! Saumya Aggarwal, is glad to be a member and says ”It is a great learning platform, you get to meet so many people, interact with them and learn more. From filter coffee of Sagar Ratna to Paneer Tikka Sandwiches of Café Coffee Day, it has been a wonderful experience”

Some members take the sessions really serious and implement the ideas into their live business. Daman Pal Singh, who is not into Social Media biz, feels it is a boon and the best option to deepen his knowledge and gather first-hand information from the experts themselves. He says “”I have the privilege of attending the Social Media Meetup right from the first meeting and the entire exercise has been a major learning experience for me. I have not only been awarded the rich opportunity to meet Social Media experts, both from India and abroad but also to share my views and perspectives on the subject”. Puneet Bajaj looks at it as a means to evolve a new strong Social Media strategy for his project He says “We analyze the different variants of Social Media case studies and we see that how we could fit those case studies onto our business model”

Simar, Mani, Neerja, Kaushik and all the pioneers who started of the concept feel it has been an incredible journey. A year now Social Media Breakfast still goes strong! Encouraging, stimulating, molding minds!

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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