The 50th SMBTS- “Is Social Media a mere Technology Evolution or a Phenomenal Cultural Revolution? or Both?” -The Delhi Chapter

The much-awaited 50th session of Social Media Breakfast concluded at Iris Hometel, Harinagar, Delhi, at 10:30 AM. The MeetUp that started at 8:30 AM was livelier than ever before with 28 of its members present for the session! Discussion started after the sumptuous and wholesome breakfast. Members were enthusiastic about the 50th Session and started with introducing themselves. Mr. Sharad Poddar, Director, Finance and Operations was present for the Meetup as special guest. The discussion was over the topic “Is Social Media a mere Technology Evolution or a Phenomenal Cultural Revolution? or Both?”. The MeetUp felt the technology pitches-in where there is a societal need. When there is a need technology provides a medium to fulfill it.

Members who present for the MeetUp were Simar, Mani, Sharad ji, Kaushik, Daman, Haru, Anushka, Neerja, Puneet, Neha, Saumya, Priya, Swati, Anjali, Rajat, Sangeeta, Cartiona, Ramesh, Pradeep, Komal, Khushbu, Aashish, Maura, Nivedita, Mary and Ankit.

Following points were of great significance during the course of discussion:

* Social media has proved to be one of the best ways of social causes and reaching out individuals, as it is an interactive Mass Medium

* Virtual campaigns through social media compliments physical world campaigns to a large extend in Indian context, as individuals trust personal references. Sharing about the campaigns on Social Media gives campaigns a real boost. Anna Hazare’s revolution against corruption was ignited further through out the country and abroad by Social activists through Social Media like Facebook.

* When there is a need, technology plays the enabler.

* Get connected is the need of the hour, and Social Media delivers the same.

* Technology is the game changer. Technology empowers Social Media to deliver what its users want.

* Financial viability plays a vital role to attain success in Social Media.

* Social Media can now touch upon various causes like providing quality education to children and adults alike. Social Media has a powerful reach

* The reach of Social Media is limited mostly to the cities, as there is a lack of infrastructure and poor administration. Corruption plays a villain here.

* Social Media swiftly became part of people’s lives when compared to other media. Global integration is happening through Social Media, individuals get to know about social, cultural, economic events happening around the world, quite similar to the days when printing press started. The mass production of books led to knowledge sharing and updation. Egypt and Libya movements are popularized a lot by the Social Media

Members at the 50th SMBTS

The 50th session was a discussion about culture, socio-economic conditions, social causes and empowerment. One of the members rightly pointed it out that the generation of a need leads to development of an idea. This idea is further conceptualized by technology to satisfy the need. People use it and spread a word that leads to a mass cultural revolution. Social Media is definitely a technology advancement that has gained mass acceptability and hence is graduating into a Cultural Revolution

The session concluded with Simar discussing about the idea that kick started Social Media Breakfast, its journey so far and requesting the members to suggest how the Meetup can be improved further. Members came out with brilliant ideas like;

· Dedicating a session for Brainstorming on a topic/website
· Critically analyzing any website
· Keeping a quarterly conference, inviting the marketing/ branch managers who want to use social media and to comprehend what they expect out of Social Media.
· Conducting a Social Media Conference.

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Sharing with you, 50 Social Media Breakfasts – An Amazing Journey!

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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