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Spell check….Layar

Have you heard of Layar? Sounds similar to layer, doesn’t it?

A Dutch company based in Amsterdam, founded in 2009 developed a mobile browser which is called Layar. The browser basically allows users to find various items based upon augmented reality technology(AR).

What is augmented reality then? Let me explain it this way, when the view of a physical, real-world environment’s elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory results, such as graphics and text it is called augmented reality.

Layar browser displays digital information in form of “layers” into the smartphone’s screen when the user views the surroundings through the camera embedded into the phone.

The browser uses the built in camera, GPS, compass and accelerometer to identify user’s location and the area that he/she is able to view on the screen. Then various forms of data is added onto the camera view in the form of layers……..quite appropriate word used for the technology….

– Komal Arora,
Manager – Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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The 51th SMBTS- “Whats the buzz about Google +1 feature? Does it really have the potential to change the way we do Social Media currently?” -The Delhi Chapter

The Meetup group gathered at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri west, at 8:30 AM to attend the 51st Social Media Breakfast, sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project. The discussion was on the topic “Whats the buzz about Google +1 feature? Does it really have the potential to change the way we do Social Media currently?”. The efforts made by those members who were not acquainted with Google +1 feature to research on it were commendable. Everyone at the Meetup came with a great new point to speak on, on Google +1. The MeetUp felt slightly apprehensive about the success of +1 feature.

Members who present for the MeetUp were Mani, Kaushik, Daman, Anushka, Puneet, Neha, Saumya, Priya and Nivesh.

Following points were of great significance during the course of discussion:

Members brought the following points into notice.

* Google +1 feature in search engine is just an additive advantage given in SERP of Google
* Google introduced “+1” feature to incorporate social media effect on to the search platform.
* The feature works on the “trust on personal references”. The site that is +1ed is shared among the contact list, when any of the contact conducts similar search.
* The +1 feature is a non-user friendly feature as individuals rarely go back to a site to +1 it after getting the relevant information.
* Negatives spread faster than positives. Idea was set forth by one of the members of a –1 feature. –1 feature would actually be helpful judging the relevance of a site.
* +1 feature in one way looses its meaning when it is not being used as a criterion in search engine algorithm.
* If it is included in as a criterion in search engine algorithm online marketers can misuse it as they can pester others to +1 their site. It can also bring lot of challenges for SEOs as personal aspect is involved.
* The products or innovations that Google introduces, does not match the merit and the smartness of the brains they employ. There are only a few products of Google that were able to make an impact.

The 51st session concluded on zeroing down on to the point that this feature is not really a great feature as compare to the “Like” button in Facebook, which is turning an year old today! Incorporating just this feature of social media on to search is not that a good idea. There were apprehensions regarding the ‘mass viral affect’ of it. There seemed to be a loophole in the model as the +1 button could be used only after viewing a particular link. It was felt that there would be very less traffic returning back to the search results page to mark it as +1; after they have viewed it. Mass acceptability of the feature remains a concern.

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– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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