Future of Social Media: Hype or Revolution?

The 28th edition of Social Media Breakfast in Kolkata revolved around the concept of Social Media’s Future. A truly debatable topic, some agreed with the fact that social media is all set to come up with the revolutionary change, whereas other disagreed with the same. Here’s sharing the notable observations made during the discussions-

Social media is certainly not hype, because hypes are said to have short term effects whereas revolutions are meant to be long lasting. Think for yourself, if too much of hype is created for a product, then at one point of time the entire process turns out to be pretty tiresome. If you continue receiving promotional e-mails and messages from different companies but about the same product, then at point of time, you’ll don’t even bother to look at them. If you talk of the present scenario, then yes, it has indeed created awareness amongst the masses. You’ll find people making use of this powerful tool for promotional purposes. With that framework in place, it can be said that five years down the lane, social media is sure to come up with even more dramatic change. Fueled by developments in core technology- the hardware or wireless networks it can be safely concluded that a world where everything is well connected is knocking at our door.

Future of Social Media: A balanced approach

It is difficult to anticipate the future of social media at this hour. The fact cannot be denied that social media has indeed brought in a significant change today, but then, it future solely determines on the way we’ll be working on and implementing this change.

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