The 30th Social Media Breakfast Kolkata Chapter – Correlation of Maps and Social Media

The 30th Social Media Breakfast Kolkata Chapter had discussions on Correlation of Maps and Social Media. At the starting of the discussion, the features and benefits of Google Maps that can help people in varied ways were pointed out. These Maps are useful to find any establishment and get directions online. These are also great places for listing any storefront business and share any updates on social media sites.

In this context, Foursquare and its features in brief were also discussed. Most members pitched in their views that as far as correlation is concerned, we are in a very nascent stage and Google Maps need a much wider applicability.

One important suggestion was, if user generated content and attributes could be added to maps and those were integrated with Social Media- it would mean sharing information to a more panoptic network.
Another topic covered in the meet up was whether there is any scope of correlating GIS and Social Media. The discussion continued exploring the possibilities of Maps as well as GIS and Social Media. All agreed that as more research needs to be done in this domain, the topic can be called a futuristic one and yes, Maps and Social Media do have a correlation.

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