The Social Media Effect and the Google +1 Effect: Is there a correlation?

The MeetUp group gathered at Compare Knowledge Center, Kolkata at 8:45 am to attend the 29th Social Media Breakfast session, sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project. The discussion was based on the topic “What’s the buzz about Google +1 feature? Does it really have the potential to change the way we use Social Media currently?” The endeavors carried out by the members, who were not familiar with the characteristics of Google +1 to delve into it were praiseworthy. Each and every member contributed with valuable viewpoints and observations on Google +1. The MeetUp was somewhat doubtful about the success of the +1 feature.

Members who were present for the MeetUp were Shilpa, Sumita, Sanjib, Apurv, Abhirup, Shweta, Joyeetya, Samudranil, and Reetam.

The points given below were of huge importance during the course of the debate.

The following points were raised by the members:

§ The success of Google +1 feature is a question of relevance and time. Prior to arriving at a decision, time should be taken.
§ Inbound traffic from social media makes a significant contribution in making a website relevant from the SEO viewpoint.
§ Google +1 would not directly affect social media.
§ Twitter has more importance than Facebook.
§ The importance of social media has grown similar to relevant content.
§ Social media preferences are now being taken into consideration.
§ As far as SEO is concerned, the algorithm of Google is still to be tracked.
§ People have a range of options, so choices for them will not be cut down to a few outcomes.
§ Networking cannot function without social media.
§ Social media and social networking are not the same.
§ Social media is more appropriate for businesses than individuals.
§ Google +1 search results won’t harm anyone’s privacy. It is similar to the “Like” in Facebook and “Retweet” in Twitter.
§ There is an option with the Google +1 feature. You can disable it and your choices won’t be dictated.
§ Google +1 would not personalize your search results. The personalized results would appear in a new tab.
§ Google Wave is a technology that was ahead of its time. It would return once more.

The 29th session ended with all the members agreeing that Google applications are simple and convenient. However, there was some doubt regarding the success of the +1 feature in the near future.

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