The Ever Evolving “Search”

Osama is dead….no I am not going to share this information with you all this week…… this news is all over the internet and TV. It spread like wildfire on “Social” media ………..I guess we all are pretty used to “Social” wave by now.

I will talk about the “search”….every website owner wants his/her website to come up in search engines.

Search is about to change and do so quite quickly. It has been in this present state for more than a decade, but the users have changed radically in this time frame.

Search engines are still majorly focused mostly on web pages. Users have become less patient and have less time on hand, while search engines still require users to dig through and extract information from the web pages to find what they’re looking for.

Now a days, users are spending more time on their mobile phones ( and of course hand held devices like iPads etc), which require a completely different kind of user experience for search.

About ten years ago, the search index only consisted of HTML pages (static content), but as we all know that information and facts keep on changing.

But in the current scenario search engines are also focusing on many social signals, including how often and how quickly an entity or URL is being embedded elsewhere, whether it is with positive or negative intent and sentiment, and is it trending up or down since last week/month. (the reason we should all share and review Compare’s activities , achievements etc )

Search engines will keep assimilating content from many different sources and aim to provide immediate and good answers. Search engines are becoming more and more personal, understanding the individual user’s preferences, location, type of content preferred, context from previous search and browse behavior, signals from social graphs etc.

Search has been a pull mechanism for information and content; while social sites such as Facebook and Twitter are basically push. The rise of Q&A sites across the World hints at the underlying need for better answers from each users perspective. This is the 3rd Generation of web ….Web 3….

Komal Arora
Manager Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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