The 54th SMBTS- “Changing the Approach to Customer Satisfaction with Social Media” -The Delhi Chapter

Customer Satisfaction is a point much discussed on, not only by the customers but also by the companies. What defines Customer Satisfaction? People set various criteria and value points. “Changing the Approach to Customer Satisfaction with Social Media” is what the MeetUp group discussed at the 54th Social media Breakfast at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri West, at 8:30 AM. The Social Media Breakfasts, are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

Puneet introduced the topic this time. Members who present for the MeetUp were Simar, Mani, Kaushik, Daman, Anushka, Puneet, Maryann, Saumya, Priya and two new members, Ankush and Gaurav.

The 54th Social Media Breakfast

Following points were of great significance during the course of discussion:

* In the past, companies used to develop products and do not involve customer’s likes and dislikes.

* Customer Satisfaction, now, is taken to a higher level by introducing the company to Social Media.

* Social Media is often used to express or “share” negativity or negative feedback. It is human tendency to express discontent and not to appreciate hard work or good deeds. If there is good customer care system, customers rarely share.

* Social Media is the best way to reach out to people and get to know the pulse of the customers, but this chance is foiled by ambush / aggressive marketing.

* Good or over dedication will definitely be rewarded by the customer.

* There are various factors that influences customer care, like, generation gap in customers and culture in the organization. Social Media is used by people of all the ages, belonging to different demographics.

* In Indian context the Customer Care does merely exist. The bigger companies do not basically care about a few customers going unsatisfied. There are three levels to Customer Care here. The organization at the initial stage might need lot of customers to grow hence Customer Satisfaction becomes a major concern. Once it establishes itself, it tries to keep the customer loyalty. When it becomes a big organization it can afford to have some unsatisfied customers.

* Customer Care is very important in creating and maintaining customer loyalty. A satisfied customer can create word of mouth publicity or share over Social Media. Hence even one single customer is of great importance, though catering to each one is very difficult.

* The level of Customer Care also depends on the level of the customer’s importance and how much revenue is generated out of the customer.

* Any big company can take care of each one of its customers; it just needs some more manpower dedicated for it, some time, training and resources.

Social Media has not made an impact on to customer care in Indian scenario. It is just treated as a means to express their views but not made full use of with a customer care line. It is highly unfortunate that, in Indian context big companies can afford to lose a few million customers. For higher level of Customer Satisfaction its important for organizations to embed the culture of Customer Satisfaction within their working norms. Organizations have take serious note and attends to the reviews of the customers over Social Media platforms or otherwise. This is definitely not going to be easy for this the companies have to define a robust assimilation and analytical model to address the feedback and views of the customers on Social Media.

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– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited.

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