Are we using LinkedIn to its potential…

The week gone by has been very eventful for LinkedIn…..they have released their IPO, which has supposedly doubled their valuation. LinkedIn is also a Social networking site but the fact that it has maintained its status when “Social” giants like Facebook, Twitter are present…..

Now if we talk about traffic from LinkedIn….the network it offers is of professionals and entrepreneurs and according to statistics one cannot ignore the fact that LinkedIn has the highest average household income per user over any other social networking site.

LinkedIn is now not only seen as great for job seekers but individuals and companies are achieving more professional goals than imaginable from it.

LinkedIn can be used for selling products,finding new clients or employees,generating leads,receive funding for your company,geting sponsorships,selling of tickets of your professional event,national and local press coverage and also driving traffic to your blog……..

Various verticals that can drive traffic are, newsletters, and LinkedIn News and “inShares”.

For instance “LinkedIn Today” shows what users connections and coworkers are sharing, what the industry peers are sharing, and what stories are interesting to the broader audience. If you have created compelling content,you have a good chance of increasing your traffic, provided you are able to drive influence within your industry.

Completing and updating your profile with time,increasing your connections,customizing your website links can really help.Actively giving answers to the questions asked can start a meaningful conversation and catch interest of others in the group too. And various marking schemes available for the answers can win you a “Featured Expert” status……

LinkedIn should also be given due importance in Compare’s SM strategy.

— Komal Arora
Manager Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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