The 33rd Social Media Breakfast – “What attracts customers to products and brands on Social Media” – The Kolkata Chapter

Social media, in spite of its immeasurable potential and wide global reach, is still a nascent media in India. However, it has proved to be useful in the corporate sphere and certain companies have already inched ahead in the race of success by using this platform to communicate with their customers and market their products. The question that remains to be answered is how some brands can do better than others when it comes to attracting people to their products or services on social media. The participants at the 33rd chapter of Kolkata sought to answer these questions as well.

“Social media is for personal interaction and networking”

It has often been said that social media is meant for personal tête-à-tête and the real challenge lies in attracting customers – drawing them out from the personal space – as far as the business houses are concerned.

Most of the companies are nowadays on social media for reputation management – one of the questions that came up during the discussions was why brands were not promoting products more readily on social media.

It was commonly agreed that Twitter is more useful than Facebook when it came to attracting customers as Facebook normally binds a user to his or her page.

Promotion and advertising on social media

There is always a thin line that divides promotion and advertising, and nowhere is this more evident than social media. This led some to suggest that if companies were advertising their products, people following them might block them.

Marketing strategies and presentation always play important roles in making a brand successful on social media. It is always important to not be in your face while promoting one’s products or services on social media.

Why does a company succeed on social media?

Several answers were proposed to the question above. Brand loyalty is a major factor – people who prefer a certain brand are more likely to adhere to it on social media. Preferences are also a big determinant in this regard – for example, people seeking information on cricket were more likely to look for cricketing portals on social networking sites.

Popularity always guarantees success and it is evident in social media as well. Whenever a brand becomes popular on social media for the right reasons it gains more followers and thus its chances to generate ROI through social media increase.

It was opined during the discussion that people can come on social media looking for a change and if a company is able to provide what is needed then it can attain success. Quality of services provided by brands also goes a long way in helping them to be successful on social media through word of mouth publicity.

What is needed to succeed on social media?

Success is always hard work and this is especially applicable on social media where it takes a lot of time to build a brand. Companies need to be persevering and diligent. It is also important to do sentiment analysis in order to analyze people who can talk negatively about your brand.

Sentiment analysis can also be helpful in identifying people who can be provided with selected offers of a new brand. These offers can help build up a craze, a hype for that product on social media – this could create, in long term, the demand necessary to market the product successfully.

Visibility and trust on social media

Visibility is an important component in generating business on social media. It is always crucial to be there on social media so that people notice you and pay you the attention needed to be successful in the long run.

Visibility also helps in building trust of the customers who conclude that a brand’s presence on social media implies it would attend to their complaints and also inform them about upcoming products or special features and packages. It is also normally observed that people regard such brands to be more trustworthy.

There was no conclusion and the participants agreed that more such discussions were needed in order to arrive at a definite end.

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