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Can you Answer this….? has Alexa rank of 849 and was founded just two years back in in June 2009, first launched in private beta in January 2010. Quora boasts of “Continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. ”

The aim is to have each ‘question page’ become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about the question. And like everything in web world now a days it also has the “Social” angle to it. It is often termed as “Social Q n A”.

There are various ways in which it is used beyond just asking and answering questions, people like to vote for answers and they then place/categorize the answers they like into various topics, message people who have similar interests etc. All answers are reviewed by editors who may give editing suggestions for questions, answers as well as comments

Another way you can think of it is as a cache for the research that people do looking things up on the web and asking other people. When a person looking for some information on the web gets a link to a question page on Quora, he should get all the information about that. It is also supposed to be a place where new stuff–that no one has written about earlier is available.

Some of the favorite topics on Quora include startups, food, science, technology, facebook, venture capital etc.

Content is the king …..Quora’s key principle regarding content is that “users should make the site a great resource for people who want to learn”. The quality of the answer is very important.

Recently they have also introduced the feature of self promoting your answers or questions… bring in more traffic.

Komal Arora
Manager Technologies
Compare Infobase Limited

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The 34th Social Media Breakfast – “Does Google’s Social Search make results less relevant?” – The Kolkata chapter

Thank God it was Friday! Compare Infobase Kolkata gathered on 27th May 2011 to share and gather knowledge on an interesting topic which says: “Does Google’s Social Search make results less relevant?” The 34th Social Media Breakfast started sharp at 09.00 a.m. at Saltlake sector V.

Discussion brewing up!

What exactly is Google’s Social Search?
The Social Search by Google will help you to personalize your search. Search on Google is an art. You need to know what to search and how to search. This specific search system will help you to gather information from people who are connected in your social network. So, now you will get search results from friends, family and acquaintances.

How will Google’s Social Search help?

Well, Google is always experimenting with new features for the benefit of the users. This search is completely for personalized experience. The advantage is that if you want to try out a new restaurant in the town or watch a movie then this feature will surely help you. Trust is the key factor of this search. With Google’s Social Search you will be able to know the experience of your friend about a specific movie or restaurant. As you trust your friend and the like mindedness matters this search feature will sure help you.

How does the Google’s Social Search work?
It is very simple and easy!
1. You need to sign into your Google Account.
2. Click on Join this experiment.
3. Now the relevant topic needs to be searched on
4. To make a mark on the web, click on the new +1 button.

The discussion took a different turn and many views came up when the point was raised that in the near future the Google Social Search may replace the normal search. The point raised for the belief was:

· The Google Social Search will give optimized result for the benefit of all.
· The Google search gives huge result and at times choosing the relevant search becomes difficult. So, this will help.
· We generally rely much on our social group. So, we can trust this search option.

The points raised against the belief were much stronger and it said:

· Google Social Search will help in personal matters and not business.
· Your Social Group might not have posted their comments on the topic you are looking for.
· Google is used more for business purpose than for personal requirements. Hence, the feature of Social Search cannot rule out Google Search.
· The assumption can be made that based on the demand of Social Search Google will improve the feature of the normal search for the benefit of all.

With this the thought that Google’s Social Search may replace Google Search was washed away. The discussion was interesting and the participation has many different views on the topic. We can conclude by saying that the Google Social Search will definitely help us in personalized requirements. It will surely make the search relevant. But when it comes to business we might still have to depend on Google Search.

– Rinita Ghosh
MDVC Team, Kolkata Knowledge Center.

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