The 35th Social Media Breakfast – “Does Social Media Contribute to Productivity Loss at Work Place?” – The Kolkata Chapter

This Friday at Salt Lake Sector V center, the number of people participating in the SMBTS discussion was quite impressive. This was mostly due to the basic fact- all are social media enthusiasts!

The discussion revolved around social media’s effect on professional and personal life. As social media is fast evolving, its effect can be felt everywhere from personal to professional life. While the organizations are utilizing it as a promotional platform, some individuals are utilizing it to gather information, while some people are only socializing. So, does social media really result in loss of productivity?


True Social Media enthusiasts

There was a huge roar of “NO” from everyone. It was pointed out that the people who are saying that “social media affects their work in a negative way” fall into these following categories:


  • The “Kitty Party Brigade”, who very actively socialize on twitter, but do not have the basic idea of what social media really is.


  • People, who are basically lazy, utilize social media as another excuse for not working.


  • Facebook or Orkut activists who cannot differentiate social networking from social media.


Can you work and be active in social media simultaneously?


Yes, if you know how to manage both. Some tips to remember are:


  • You need to set an hourly target.
  • You need to balance the time spent on work and social media.
  • If you have an urgent target, you will definitely not let social media come into that space.
  • Social media should be used in a monitored environment.
  • Social media cannot affect your work negatively as long as proper planning is in place.
  • You should know when to use social media, discretion is required.


Some effects of social media


  • It has helped in reduction of cyber crime.
  • It has gifted Gen-X and Gen-Y with multi-tasking capabilities.
  • It helps in branding and promotion.
  • It actually helps you stay updated while working.
  • It has helped in reducing the monotony and drudgery of doing the same work every day.
  • It helps employees recharge, especially after a heavy lunch break.

In conclusion, it can be summed up that productivity depends on an individual’s ability to manage work. People, whose work used to get hampered before social media’s existence, found other ways of distractions like chitchatting, listening to music, reading newspapers, and so on. Social Media definitely cannot be blamed for decrease in work productivity.

– Sumita Dutta

Knowledge Analyst, Compare Infobase, Kolkata

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