The 57th Social Media Breakfast – “Does Social Media contribute to productivity loss at work place?”– The Delhi Chapter

Social Media acting ‘necessary evil’ is quite an old game since the birth of Social Media. Social Media addiction can force an individual’s work to take a back seat sometimes. The 57th Social Media Breakfast discussed on “Does Social Media contribute to productivity loss at work place?” at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri West, at 8:30 AM. The Social Media Breakfasts, are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

A study by Pierre Khawand, Founder and CEO of People-OnTheGo conducted on more than 1000 business professionals, Pierre found that people manage multiple “inboxes” including social media. Social Media is widely used, by the people of younger age group whereas social media is a part of the working life for senior executives. Social Media mount to additional inboxes, which an individual needs to maintain thereby interrupting their work. Researchers have consistently proved that multitasking reduces productivity and increases errors.

Komal starting off the session

Members who present for the MeetUp were Mani, Komal, Kaushik, Maryann, Aashish, Neha, Priya, Gaurav, Saumya, Neerja and Nivesh.

Following points were of great significance during the course of discussion:

*      Multi tasking is the key to success in modern day work culture.

*      Self-discipline has to be inculcated by employees so that Social Media activities are restricted during office hours.

*      In task based work culture, an employee just needs to finish his task on time no matter how he manages his work. Hence Social Media does not hamper the work.

*      Self-discipline comes with maturity. Freshers who have just completed their education need to be restricted so that they will get used to the work culture.

*      The sense of responsibility will surely not let the employee to waste his time over Social Media.

*      Not just Social Media, Internet itself is distracting at times.

*      Proper time management, and prioritizing task will not let Social Media distract an individual.

*      “Rules are meant to be broken” – this notion is imbibed by the younger generation these days. Hence if rules are set up separately for the younger generation employees, they will find ways to break them. If the rules are set up all the employees of an organization it may stop them.

*      The loss mounting on to any organization by permitting the usage of Social Media is greater that that of organizations that restrict or ban the usage of Social Media.

Though responsible employees are seen working smartly without Social Media eating up their time. Social Media networks have made a lot of adaptations off late. They are likely to come up with ways to tackle such productivity loss at work place. There are tools like already that help manage work and entertainment. Social Media is still in its evolution stage, so one can expect better tools in the future that would help employees manage work and Social Media better, resulting in better productivity.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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