The 36th Social Media Breakfast -“What does Facebook EdgeRank mean for your business?”- The Kolkata Chapter

Another Friday morning and Social Media enthusiasts are back to discuss the past, present and future of communications on internet. The 36th SMBTS MeetUp at Kolkata on the 10th of June 2011 was a nice knowledge sharing session. Sujatha, Anupam, Susmit, Sumita, Arpita, Rinita, Debanjalee, Sucheta, Arpita and Pallavi were the attendees. We missed Shilpa a lot.

Kolkata Version of SMBTS

The topic – What does Facebook EdgeRank mean for your business? – was helpful in understanding the importance of business in a personal social web-space.

Introduction to Facebook EdgeRank

In short, Facebook EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines which posts will appear in your TopNews Feed. There are 3 factors that decides this EdgeRank:

  1. Affinity is the driving force for the Facebook EdgeRank. It is a one way affinity – to the owner from the viewer
  2. Weight depends on the kind of interactions from viewer to the owner.
    • When you visit profiles of your friends and interact with them through comments, links and photos, that profile will have a better EdgeRank than the one that you don’t visit or comment
    • The viewer although does not gain any EdgeRank in this way. He has to reciprocate to increase its EdgeRank for the other
    • The ways to gain EdgeRank in order of importance are:


  1. Time is a very important factor in optimizing EdgeRank

Discussion about Facebook EdgeRank

The following points were raised during our interaction:

Facebook EdgeRank and Business

  • Google does not crawl Facebook pages. This EdgeRank algorithm helps a company strengthen its position in the social networking platform
  • Facebook provides businesses a platform to socialize with their consumers
  • Business finds a strong base in Facebook on the EdgeRanking feature
  • You should increase affinity with consumers on Facebook to spread your presence in Social Media
  • Well known brands flourish well on Facebook
  • Facebook EdgeRank might not be so effective for startup businesses. You have a long way to go. You can start with customer interaction on the Social Media

Process of Increasing Facebook EdgeRank

  • Brands should not be satisfied with likes on their posts. It’s the engagement that matters. Comments weigh higher than links.
  • It is essential to post feeds on a regular basis to engage people to search for your products
  • Old feeds with new comments still feature on the News Feeds. It is important to keep the comments and conversations going

Pitfalls of Facebook EdgeRank – What to Watch out for

  • Befriending the right kind of people is important for EdgeRank to be successful. Somebody not interested in your product will remove your posts or worst – report spam.
  • Time management is an important factor. Posting every 10 mins or every hour is not useful and productive. It is better to go back on the comments of the older posts rather than making new ones. Nobody will be on Facebook the whole day to be reading them.
  • Don’t Spam with too many posts. Too many posts usually get ignored. Posting regularly will keep the viewer checking back
  • Make feeds exciting and natural. Quality of the posts will keep the viewers engaged.
  • Time of posting is a prime factor for attracting maximum number of eyeballs. It determines the update ranking

Personally I came to know more about the thing that I took quite casually till now. Looking forward to more enlightening interactive sessions as this

– Pallavi Sen Gupta


Kolkata Center

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