The 58th Social Media Breakfast – “What does Facebook EdgeRank mean for your business?”– The Delhi Chapter

“Facebook knows everything!” It gives the updates about one’s close contacts frequently and updates about not so close contacts rarely. How does Facebook know everything? Simple! Heard of Facebook EdgeRank?

On the 58th Social Media Breakfast, the MeetUp group discussed on the mystery named Facebook EdgeRank. The topic of discussion was “What does Facebook EdgeRank mean for your business?. The MeetUp was held at Sagar Ratna, Janak Puri West, at 8:30 AM. The Social Media Breakfasts, are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

Members who present for the MeetUp were Mani, Komal, Maryann, Aashish, Priya and Daman ji.

Aashish speaking out on his observations on News Feeds

Facebook EdgeRank does the trick of filtering out the interactions with one’s close contacts. It is an algorithm that determines which posts should be shown to whom, using a Quality Score that is given to each post. This algorithm is used in filtering out posts in “Top News” and  “Most Recent” News feeds. If Facebook  shows all the posts that one’s  friends have made,  then one would not be able to view all of them.

How does Facebook calculate EdgeRank? Here is how it is:

EdgeRank = Affinity X Time X Weight.

  • Affinity – Denotes interaction levels. Basically how often one interacts with one particular user
  • Time – The time of publishing the post and the time gap between the interactions.
  • Weight– Type of interactions. Each kind of interaction has different value.

The discussion brought out following points.

  • It is surprising how Facebook brings out such algorithms, that play crucial role in keeping people connected.
  • Interaction is the key. If one interacts with a particular group of people the posts from those will start appearing.
  • It will be hard for any company to interact with all its fans. Hence it is a mammoth task that requires evolution of specific strategies to strike interactions with their fans. Only then the fans will have the posts from the company profiles featured in their News Feeds.
  • Evolving a strategy that will work with this algorithm can be evolved by trial and error method. Choosing the people whom one wishes could see one’s post is critical. Striking a conversation involving them depends on one’s skills.
  • Consistency and Frequency has to be maintained. The timing of posts and the time gap between the posts is very important. Sometimes Fans wait for the particular type of posts that at particular time during the day. Posts that occur in the morning and on weekends often have higher quality scores, because on an average fans are actively engaged with Facebook during these hours.
  • Advertise! People become fans is to take advantage of promotional offers, so if you are running promotions, advertising can be an extremely effective way to continually engage.
  • Interaction is NOT broadcasting. If one keeps on broadcasting without people interacting it will not contribute to any value.
  • Always encourage the fans to visit the page. This increases post quality. If the posts direct the fans on to the Fan Page then it is counted in the EdgeRank compared to the external links that direct people to Fan page. Therefore more the fans that click pages within Facebook through posts, higher will be the result in those fans receiving future posts more consistently and frequently through “News Feed”.

Facebook algorithms are still a mystery for many. How to use it is up to the individuals! If one really observes the posts appearing in the news feeds and the mechanics behind it, he can definitely use it to his advantage. The brains behind such algorithms keep the Social Media enthusiasts fascinated. Social Media has so much in store. Lets wait and watch what comes next.

– Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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