The 38th Social Media Breakfast – “Knowledge sharing and crowd sourcing in social media- how useful is it? ”– The Kolkata Chapter

Well, the 38th session of the SMBTS meetup took place at the Kolkata office of Compare Infobase Limited. The topic for discussion today was knowledge sharing and crowd sourcing in social media today. The people who took part in this discussion had valuable inputs to contribute that enabled us to have a deeper insight into the social impacts that knowledge sharing and crowd sourcing, and what exactly are the impediments on the way.

The basic points that were raised in the discussion were:

  • Knowledge sharing is gaining a lot of popularity on Twitter.
  • Indic Initiative is a well suited example of crowd sourcing.
  • The cost effectiveness of crowd sourcing is what has made it so acceptable in the corporate world.
  • The role of social Media is extremely important for crowd sourcing
  • Social media is best suited for Crowd sourcing as there are no impediments.
  • Extremely beneficial for organizations as the amount of knowledge that is generated in immense and the outcome is concise.
  • Crowd sourcing has its limitations
  • Knowledge sharing is an immensely important part of social media
  • How to implement crowd sourcing on Twitter?
  • Is there any knowledge sharing done on social media these days?
  • The biggest challenge is to connect to people and simultaneous crowd sourcing on social media
  • Crowd sourcing needs to be made interesting if it has to be fully effective
  • Can we say that Wikipedia is a wonderful example of Crowd sourcing on social media?
  • One needs to strike a balance between protecting intellectual property and asking the general public.

The 38th session came to an end after all the attendees agreed upon the fact that the people have to be made more aware of the advantages that the social media has to offer in order to gain from crowd souring and knowledge sharing.


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