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The 65th Social Media Breakfast – “For better ranks, be on G+”– The Delhi Chapter

The G+ excitement is cooling off! But the effect of G+ on search results stood a concern for many group members. The 65th Session of Social Media Breakfast, held at CIL’s Delhi, discussed “For better ranks, be on G+“. The Social Media Breakfasts are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

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The 43rd Social Media Breakfast – “For better ranks, be on G+” – The Kolkata Chapter

The 43rd chapter of Kolkata SMBTS concerned itself with the pertinent topic of presence in Google Plus and its effects on users’ page rank. Right at the top of the meeting it was concluded that Google Plus presence was of paramount importance to proper page rank as the search engine giant was according maximum importance to its own social media platform over competitors such as Facebook and Twitter More interesting observations were made:

A Full-house SMBTS session

· Social signals are the ways in which your brand is being received and reviewed in social media

· It is important to be in the circles of leading brands in Google Plus

· Google Plus One buttons are a good tool of evaluation similar to Facebook Likes

· Google Plus has technical differences from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

· When it comes to personalized searches on Google it is imperative to be logged onto one’s account. If the person searching is not logged on then location would play an important role in determining search results

· Google Plus presence adds to visibility. SEO does not rule the roost anymore

· Social media optimization has opened up more avenues for generating traffic

· Google Panda has changed the way internet searches are being done

· Google has now made it easier for even laymen to search

· Google allows localized search

· Presence in a Google Plus circle ensures that one’s posts can even be watched by top brands

· Google Plus has certain advantages over Twitter – there is no scope for spamming or auto posts

· Google Plus circles give a proper indication of one’s domains of influences

· Auto posts are contrary to social media spirit – it is supposed to be all about human interaction

· Facebook has a different target group compared to Twitter and Google Plus from a marketing point of view


Samudranil Mukherjee

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