The 61th Social Media Breakfast – “Social Media initiatives taken by Compare Infobase for their projects”– The Delhi Chapter

The 61st episode of Social Media Breakfasts, sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project concentrated on the “D” factor of Social Media – Engagement!!! The MeetUp group got a task last week. The Task? Here! Each member was supposed to strike a conversation over Social Media involving as many people as one can. One can tag friends if one was to initiate the task on FB or @ them if one was doing it on Twitter. Longer the trail of communication, involving more number of people, the better it is. The MeetUp group had discovered more about the engagement factor.

Members who were present for the MeetUp were  Simar, Mani, Kaushik, Komal, Puneet, Maryann, Aashish, Saumya and Daman ji.

Across the table - Simar and Mani

Social Media is all about engaging people. Not for mere increase in the number of  Fans or followers but for achieving a goal. The Effectiveness of an engagement can be judged by the following factors:

  • ·        The number of Likes and comments or retweets
  • ·        The relevance of the comments
  • ·        If a link is shared, the number of visits happening through it.

Following are the points discussed during the discussion

  • Engagement factor depends upon time of sharing a posting, type of posting (Whether it is a tweet or a post or a blog), ripple effect created by it.
  • Selling, story-telling, creating an interest holds key to engagement
  • Content required to initiate engagement is one of the crucial ingredients. It has to be catchy and appealing to the group it is shared with. Generating such content gobbles up most of the time.
  • Time line has to be kept in mind when one is doing engaging task on Twitter. Same tweet will have to be retweeted according to the timing of various continents.
  • While planning for an engagement task, one has to work on various Social Media Platforms. Multiple platforms complement one another better.
  • The engagement and activity level can vary from one Social Medium to another. The number of connections and the number of interactions can vary.
  • Not just content and the context but the layout and presentation of the content is important for engagement
  • Each response got for the engagement must be analyzed critically and must be used to improve the engagement.
  • In blogs, there are particular formats for particular level of engagement.

The 61st session of Social Media Breakfast was a great session all together. With lot of practical knowledge that shared, it made each member realize that to make Social Media engagement is no fun! It is a serious job with requires lot of planning, accuracy, quality and great execution skills. To get the communication rolling it takes a lot of time and patience.

For more photographs of the session please visit our Facebook Fan Page or click!/media/set/?set=a.227250373962964.55784.190122137675788

Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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