The 62nd Social Media Breakfast – “Knowledge sharing & Crowdsourcing on Social Media”– The Delhi Chapter

It was indeed “knowledge sharing” that happened today, not on Social Media but at the Social Media Breakfast. At the 62nd Social Media Breakfast the members differentiated information from data; knowledge from information and Knowledge sharing from mere sharing. The Social Media Breakfasts are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

Members concentrated in divaricating Crowdsourcing from outsourcing. Crowdsourcing is outsourcing job to a large group or a community through an announcement. Crowdsourcing can be done through Twitter using hashtags and through Facebook using Fanpages.

The MeetUp Group

Members who were present for the MeetUp were Simar, Mani, Komal, Puneet, Maryann, Aashish, Saumya, Priya and Daman ji.

Following are the points discussed during the discussion

  • Information is meaningful data, knowledge is useful information.
  • Initiating content generation with a commercial intend mounts to Crowdsourcing.
  • The contest which are open to public that offers prizes is nothing but Crowdsourcing
  • Outsourcing is a one to one process where as Crowdsourcing is one to many process.
  • It is a great learning process for the consumers. When more than one person is involved in achieving the goal, the team can learn from each other.
  • What works, outsourcing or Crowdsourcing depends on the nature of the work.
  • Social Media is way beyond knowledge sharing. It is for sharing. Whether to use it for knowledge sharing or just sharing information is one’s personal choice.
  • Crowdsourcing can bring a whole bank of ideas from large number of people from different geographical areas.
  • Crowdsourcing builds competition on a very large scale. The pressure on the selector is also much more than we can assume.
  • Crowdsourcing, when done, the job is not just done by a single person. His friends, relatives may also involve to deliver the best result.

The 62nd session of Social Media Breakfast concluded with the group members agreeing that Crowdsourcing is a great way of collecting ideas that can be complied for later use. Crowdsourcing has been quite popular off late with the involvement of Social Media, it has become more popular. More and more organizations are going “Social” to get better involvement from the “Crowd”.

For more photographs of the session please visit our Facebook Fan Page or click


Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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