The 41st Social Media Breakfast – “How to make your business social?” – The Kolkata Chapter

With Social Media gearing up at every field today, the MeetUp Group at Kolkata assembled for the 41st Social Media Breakfast Session at Compare Knowledge Center. The theme of the discussion centered on the topic “How to make your business social?”

SMBTS at Kolkata

Social Media has no longer been a traditional platform for connecting to your friends and sharing your views with them online. Today, it is also being used as a powerful tool for spreading your business and responsibilities to a large number of people, who can be your potential customers in future. Every member of the MeetUp Group gave their important inputs as to how you can integrate the Corporate Social Responsibility with Social Media.

 The highlights of the discussion are mentioned below:

  • Business itself is a social process, and the integration of Social Media helps it to expand in ever way.
  • The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is both an internal and external process. It is important that you make Social Media a success internally before you make it a public platform to reach to people outside the business.
  • This process of making your business social, involves the integration of three important components – the internal employees, the customers and the society at large.
  • Change the attitude towards business. Keep aside your conventional thoughts and explore the newer opportunities to make your business social. Hire more outgoing people who can contribute essentially in socializing and reaching your business to the virtual customers.
  • Now, the question comes how can we introduce the Social Media tool in our business internally?? Perhaps recruiting people with the help of Social Media can be a useful example of using this platform for your business procedures, and a social responsibility as well.
  • The matter of fact is that using social media tools to connect internally only is not what ‘being social’ signifies. It is the ‘society at large’ that you need to connect and deliver your responsibilities. Filling up the gap within the departments of an organization through Social Media is just not enough to be ‘social.’
  • The concept of social responsibility and connecting to the world should be ingrained as an organizational attitude among all the employees.
  • Are we ready to take up Social Media as an integral part of our business process?? The idea needs to be developed from the bottom level to the top hierarchy, convincing them to use it.

The SMBTS session concluded on the note that every business should try to develop their CSR campaigns through Social Media. You have to be social or you have to lag behind in the competition!! However, how much every company will take up Social Media as a platform to be ‘social’ still remains a question.

Madhurima Deb Dasgupta

Owned Project Department    

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