The 63rd Social Media Breakfast – “Is Google+ a threat to Facebook and Twitter?”– The Delhi Chapter

The buzz is here! Google+! And most of us in the MeetUp group are quite aquatinted with Google+ and were eager to discuss Google+ at SMBTS! A few of the members felt it could be the end of the Facebook Era and the dawn of the reign of Google+? A few felt Facebook and Twitter would come up with something innovative to retain their users. Where as the others were simply loving the new + experience!


The 63rd SMBTS

The 63rd Social Media Breakfasts, sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project discussed the topic “Is Google+ a threat to Facebook and Twitter?”  The MeetUp group simply loved the informal MeetUp in an official ambience. 

Following are the points discussed during the discussion

  • It is not just the integration of various Google accounts like Gmail, on to a single platform that Google has brought in; it is also the adaptation of various Social Network formats. “Adding to circle” is similar to following in Twitter and the “Circles” are similar to the Facebook Lists and LinkedIn connections. Google has given it a feel of a personalized portal..
  • The content shared on Google+ or “+1”ed affects the search engine results.
  • For some users who are used to Facebook and Twitter will find it a bit difficult in switching to Google+, as it is complex with various components like circles, wallposts, mail, picasa all at the same place.
  • The choice of Social Network by an individual depends on the number of peer groups present in the Social Network.
  • Social Networks are now in plenty choosing the right type of Social Network is one’s choice.
  • Though Circles help us in categorizing our contacts, the contacts have to be manually found and added on to various networks that makes it a bit tough. Where as Facebook makes it easy by “import contact” feature.
  • Twitter still remains the favourite of many! As it is very simple, and is the best tool one can use if one wants to remain updated.
  • Social Networks catering to niche audiences are coming up and if Google+ is able to cater to them. It will definitely reigning for long.

The 63rd session of SMBTS was a great knowledge session! The formally informal atmosphere added fascination to the group. The group concluded that Google+ does not stand as a treat to Facebook or Twitter, though Google+ provides mail, Social Networking, chat everything on a single platform since usage of Social Networks now a days depends on the usage of social networks by one’s contacts and the purpose for which one is using a contact.

You can have a visual feel of this SMBTS here

Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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