The 42nd Social Media Breakfast – “How to make your business social?” – The Kolkata Chapter

As usual, the MeetUp group gathered at CKCK at Ray’s IT Park, Kolkata at about 8:45 a.m. to attend the 42nd Kolkata Chapter of Social Media Breakfast Session. The discussion centered on the topic “Google has shrunk your world in a toolbar”. Each and every member was enthusiastic to contribute with their personal experiences and opinions. Since Google+ is an entirely new concept, everyone was quite eager to know how successful it is going to be and what are the salient features of the G+ toolbar.

The 41st SMBTS - Kolkata Chapter

The members talked about the following points during the discussion:

  • With the advent of Google+, the concept of Google search has changed.
  • The Google+ toolbar will integrate many features of the existing social networking platforms.
  • There is some doubt about the effectiveness of the various features of G+ toolbar.
  • Google+ is still at a developing phase.
  • Integration of different products and services is a major benefit of G+.
  • In comparison to Facebook, G+ is trying to makes things more organized and simple.
  • In Google+, you might come across features that really don’t interest you.
  • Overdependence on Google might pose a risk to privacy.
  • Google+ is emulating the features of other social networking platforms and taking them to an advanced level.
  • If G+ wants to compete with Facebook, it has to take the revenue factor into consideration
  • Google+ will come up with ways to maintain privacy.
  • G+ toolbar has a number of benefits such as you can share any web page with your friends, you can contribute and read useful information, and translate web pages into other languages directly.
  • Google has to penetrate into the domain of advertising and marketing.

The 42nd SMBTS Kolkata Chapter ended on the note that Google+ is all set to garner immense popularity but it needs to be seen how successful its features become. After all, it is still in a developing phase.

Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of World Team

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