The 64th Social Media Breakfast – “Google has shrunk your world into a toolbar”– The Delhi Chapter

The Google+ fever is spreading like wildfire! Most of us in the MeetUp group are loving the G+ experience! With the new Google interface especially the Tab, they have managed to bring all the Google utilities onto one single window. It gives a-window-in-a-window-feel. “Google has shrunk your world into a toolbar” is what we discussed at the 64th Social Media Breakfast. The Social Media Breakfasts are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

"Complete transition to will be slow" says Saumya

The members who were present for the MeetUp were, Simar, Mani, Komal, Aashish, Karan, Maryann, Saumya, Nivesh, Puneet, Neha and Daman Ji. Most importantly the Paranthas.

Following are the points discussed during the discussion

  • The group agreed that the world has shrunk considerably by Google by integrating various utilities like, G+, Gmail, Youtube etc
  • Few members also felt that may not be the world for few, as they might have already bookmarked their favourite sites and may use just as a browser.
  • The appearance of Google toolbar is pleasant that it does not affect the users attention.
  • Customization of the toolbar will be an add to the user satisfaction. The user if allowed to drag and drop the utilities he wants on to the tool bar, he will find it extremely time saving and interesting.
  • The effect of +1 makes a difference in search results.
  • When there has been an integration, like the G+ notification, Gmail and others must have notifications so that it is easy for the user.
  • It is to be seen whether Google will incorporates E Commerce sites like Ebay or Amazon or come up with their own E Commerce site.
  • Google can develop a new revenue model if they put up a store and charge for their products.

The session of SMBTS was rich in ideas and food! The MeetUp group started liking the new venue and is looking forward for many more MeetUps at the office. Google by bringing in all the utilities at one stop has surely made the world shrink considerably. is just next to the Perfect now!

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Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited

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