The 44th Social Media Breakfast: “Social Media – Is there a tipping point?” – The Kolkata Chapter.

The MeetUp members routinely assembled at CKCK at Ray’s IT Park, Kolkata at 9:00 a.m. for attending the 44th session of Social Media Breakfast Kolkata Chapter. The topic for the discussion was “Social Media – is there a tipping point?” All the members of the MeetUp group expressed the common viewpoint that Social Media is yet to reach the tipping point or saturation point if it may be called so. Everyone was quite optimistic about the introduction of Google+ in the Social Media arena.


The 44th SMBTS - Kolkata Chapter

During the course of the discussion, the following points were talked over:


  • There is a big question as to when Social Media will reach the tipping point
  • There is a saturation point in every social networking platform, for example Facebook and Twitter
  • If we use Social Media in its true sense, there is no tipping point. It can be used for social awareness.
  • If the thought process is right and the right strategies are in place, you can still avoid the tipping point level.
  • Google+ is still to enter the business domain and it is still at an evolving phase.
  • People are not quickly accustomed to change.
  • Due deliberation works to ensure that a dramatic Social Media change does not adversely affect your brand.
  • According to some people, FB has reached a tipping point and introduction of G+ is a result of that.
  • Saturation may be a characteristic of an individual network also.
  • If there is no participation or involvement, there is no question of attaining the tipping point.
  • There are both proactive and reactive approaches in Social Media. These approaches are planned to tackle the tipping point in Social Media.
  • There should be a Social Media strategy to balance the proactive and reactive approaches.


The 44th SMBTS Kolkata Chapter came to the conclusion that Social Media has yet to reach the saturation point and there are ways that can be implemented to obviate the tipping point and extend the lifecycle of Social Media.


Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team

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