The 66th Social Media Breakfast – “Social Media: Is there a tipping point?”– The Delhi Chapter

We have Orkut, we have Facebook, We have Twitter and now we have Google +. Where is all this heading to? Will they all converge into one or will they evolve into something new? “Social Media: Is there a tipping point?” is what we discussed at the 66th Social Media Breakfast. The Social Media Breakfasts are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Limited project.

The members who were present for the MeetUp were, Simar, Mani, Kaushik, Khusbu, Aashish, Karan, Neha, Maryann, Saumya and Daman Ji.

Following are the points discussed during the discussion

  • Social Media is full of options. Which social network to use and the device that can be used to access is at the users disposal.
  • More and more people are registering in Social Media. Not just the younger generation but also the older generation are there to catch up with their friends and relatives.
  • Social Media is still on the growth stage. It will hit maturity level once everyone has accounts in almost all the social networking sites.
  • Social Media are entering into various verticals now. Social Media can not only be accessed on laptop but also on mobile phones, smart phones, iPads etc.
  • Social Media makes things simple for everyone. Social Media is all about sharing and sharing has to embody simplicity.
  • Social Media is still in its evolution stage. We can expect many new features in the existing social networking sites and also many new social networking sites.

The 66th session of SMBTS concluded with the agreement that Social Media has much more in store for us. We will discover a variety of Social Media components in our lives in the coming times.

You can view the round up of the session here.

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Priya Chandrakanth
Corporate Communications Executive
Compare Infobase Limited


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