The 69th Social Media Breakfast – “How to generate Revenue from Web Videos??”– The Delhi Chapter

As we know how Videos are important for Internet Marketing today and so we discussed “How to generate Revenue from Web Videos??” for the 69th Social Media Breakfast. The Social Media Breakfast are sponsored by, a Compare Infobase Ltd project.


The members who were present for the MeetUp were Kaushik, AashishNeha, Komal , Neerja and Daman Ji.


Following are the points discussed during the discussion:

  • Since we do not have limitation on bandwidth today’s internet world, Videos are surely the important part of content on Internet.
  • Sound and content is the most important part in a Video which makes it popular and hence one can generate revenue from it.
  • Consistency and being simple and short Videos for your product can make you earn through it.
  • Work on your objective and be effective on videos as it grabs users attention.
  • It should provide solution to the users
  • Titles and subtitles plays very important part in making effective videos.
  • Video should be moving and engaging.

At the end we shared few examples of videos on youtube which created viral effect and hence generated profits for companies.


To view pictures you may visit our Fan Page or click!/media/set/?set=a.247040305317304.58956.190122137675788&type=1


-Neha Kulwal

Assistant Manager-Site Sales




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