74th Social Media Breakfast-Social Media today acts as the Catalyst in changing the face of journalism..

Marshall McLuhan said “all media are extensions of some human faculty.” Wikipedia could be seen as an extension of the brain, while Twitter could be an extension of the mouth.

Points Discussed.

Social media has become a powerful force in society would be a an understatement in today’s time.

Social networking sites provide individuals and organizations with a number of offerings, including entertainment, communication opportunities and news.

Journalism is about conveying a message to a its public.,Reaching out to the Masses.

Many organizations and journalists with Facebook/twitter Pages use their presence to distribute content. This not only enables readers to engage with the content on Facebook, but it also drives traffic back to the reporter’s site.

Face book Pages enable journalists to have a presence on Face book, giving readers a chance to connect with their professional identity and simultaneously to get the Feedback from the people.. The Journalist now are Building their journalistic brand.

‘Social media’ has become a very frequently used word now,. The Concept of Citizen Journalism has evolved through these years. The social layer has changed (how people find, share and consume news and information) – and as you’d expect, the practice of journalism,it is also changing.

Facebook and Twitter in particular have evolved into major sources of news for millions of people worldwide

A US survey has revealed that majority of reporters and editors use social media sources for researching their stories as 56% say social media is important for reporting and producing the stories they wrote. Newsgathering have become more social.

Social networking gives users an opportunity where they can quickly move from one hot story to the next.  Breaking news is no longer attributed to professional journalists. Citizen journalists with a cell phone can now take footage of an event and upload it as it happens long before a reporter is on scene.

Anna Hazare movement, which is India’s, one of the greatest historic movement started on face book and reached out masses. Their Strategy was to connect with people one on one basis as social platforms comes with large user base.

So Definitely Social media today is acting like a catalyst in changing the face of Journalism.

Inspite of the Social media revolution we can’t ignore content. It has to be very powerful because more and more people are logging to social networking sites and moving from Traditional media. The Content should be credible and meaningful so that it should hold the audience.

Conclusion of the Discussion was:

It’s not the End of journalism. Social Media Should be used for more and more engagements

This Shift can be called as Social media revolution!!

Nupur Grover

Trainee-Corporate Communication.

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