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The 70th Social Media Breakfast – “Social Media :An open platform for free speech or for Government control?”– The Delhi Chapter

As the space age changed how we live and the dotcom explosion from the late 90’s redefined our society, we are in for a wild ride of Social Media where everyone has freedom to say and write what they want. But do we need the government to intervene in this to maintain the power used by citizens through social media?? So here we discussed this topic “Social Media – An Open Platform for Free Speech or for Government Control” at 70th Social Media Breakfast” sponsored by , a Compare Infobase Limited project.


The members who were present for the Meetup were Simar, Neha, Kaushik, Neerja, Mani, Daman ji, Karan, Komal and Khushbu
Points of discussion which supported that Social Media is an open platform for speech there is no need of government regulations are:

  • Social Media is a platform where people share their thoughts and they say what they want and if it will be regulated by govt, it will lose the importance of its existence.
  • Social Media need to be regulated by technologies as you can always report spam and delete what you don’t want to hear.
  • Government cannot regulate social media and rules applied will not stop people what they want to say and do, it just a medium.
  • Since social media is growing because of people so they themselves need to keep a check on it as no third party can give justice to it.

Points discussed on yes, we need Government  to regulate what information is flowing in Social Media:

  • Since social media is growing so fast so we need a government  that would maintain social order.
  • It is important because people might take advantage of freedom of speech . For example : people got panic when they got to know about riots happened in London and also it gives updated status to people who actually did it which can affect us.
  • You can’t expect people to be discipline on social media, so there should be some check on the flow of information in order to maintain code of conduct in social media
  • Technology cant do a full check as it has its limitations.

We concluded on this point that yes, there should be some check on the negative flow of information on social media but having rules and order from government cannot stop people to say what they want to say.

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-Neha Kulwal

Assistant Manager-Online Marketing



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