75th Social Media Breakfast!!Let’s talk – Simplified blogging with Tumblr

And It was 75th SMBTS meeting. We celebrated Diamond jubilee…!!A lot of people showed up for the meeting at 8.45 sharp at Sagar Ratna, that’s what called an excitement, After all we were celebrating 75th Birthday!!

Lot of new faces was seen in this meetup, including our regular members. With this 75th SMBTS we thought of changing our trend and start a new series – “Tools & Platforms”, where we select and focus our discussion on one popular tool/platform in a meet up.

The Topic of discussion this time was Simplified blogging with Tumblr…

The blogging platform has become one of the most popular methods for people to express themselves online.

And Tumblr is the newest blogging site.Let’s first know what tumblr is all about!!


Tumblr, sometimes styled as tumblr., is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumble log private. David Karp founded Tumblr in 2007
Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text’s, photos video’s, quotes links, music email or whatever. You can customize anything from colors to your theme!!

It’s particularly suited to the sharing of media. A typical tumble log’s conglomeration of photos, audio and other media can be viewed as its creator’s personal gallery space, a place to express aesthetic and intellectual interests.

The discussion Started on tumblr and its growing popularity. Few questions were raised will Tumblr Overcome WordPress/blogger??

In the past few years, social networking has started to overshadow traditional blogging.

Tumblr is still the new kid on the block but blogger is the most common choice for those who are still new to blogging and don’t need a lot of bells and whistles in terms of visual aesthetics whileWordPress.com offers tons of theme choices for nearly any type of blog.But at the same time    Tumblr has a key advantage over WordPress in the aspect of friends and followers, in that you can follow other people and they can follow you as you do on Twitter/Facebook, etc.

This gives you two key aspects of a Tumblr experience: people see your content in their own dashboard and can like it or reblog it (share it with their Tumblr network and possibly beyond if they have Twitter/Face book hooked up) And you have content readily available to you, to share with others by reblogging or liking it. WordPress just can’t compare as it does not have the social networking aspect built in as a function of the platform.

Points that supported, yes tumblr can overcome wordpress/blogger

  • Tumblr isn’t easier or harder, but it is very different
  • Tumblr has six different post kinds, text, which functions like a regular blog post, photo, quote, link, chat and video. With WordPress, a post is a post is a post. Every post is the same as every other one and it is up to you to edit and style them the way you want to make them look different
  • Tumblr has a very different variable set and variable structure. Where WordPress uses fairly standard PHP, Tumblr has a different way of inserting variables into a template and the variables are also dependent on the kind of post that it is for.
  • Easy management from your phone

Points which supported word press/blogger

  • WordPress.com is still fairly stiff competition. It can be a bit more complicated to use at first, but WordPress.com offers tons of theme choices for nearly any type of blog. While Blogger is great for personal posts, WordPress.com is excellent for building blogs about specific topics (i.e. garden, food, parenting etc).
  • Top posts get featured on WordPress.com homepage
  • Related posts show up on other blogs which can help drive traffic
  • Affordable upgrade options like domain mapping

Blogger is Great for building community among users

Bottom Line!!

Tumblr isn’t easier or harder, but it is very different. For certain types of blogs, it is the right tool for the job though I still think most blogs will do better on WordPress.

However, Tumblr isn’t trying to compete with WordPress but instead is trying to fill a different niche, something it does very well. In short, if you’re interested in an easy to maintain blog that focuses on linking, quoting and embedding other content. Tumblr is a great choice!!

Nupur Grover

Trainee-Corporate Communication

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