Content curation

Content is the King of the social web(today’s internet). It is what people search for, it makes them click, share, comment, subscribe, donate, follow or buy from us (our websites).

But creating valuable, compelling and updated content can be quite a challenge for many entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations.

To avoid this one can opt for content curation…..
Now what exactly is Content CurationContent Curation basically means – that out of all the content you find on the social web – you pass on the most valuable stuff to your network.

A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.

The benefit for your network, is that your friends, connections and followers don’t have to plough through masses of tweets, blog posts, news feeds and search results to find quality content. You have already done that for them.

This establishes one as ‘the one who knows!’. It brands one as an expert. A Trusted source. It builds one’s reputation and gets you acclaim i.e. ‘social capital’.

Different to content marketing, content curation doesn’t drive people through their decision making process about your products and services. For this, you would need to create tailor-made content that answers specific questions people have about specific aspects of your products or services.

We are doing it without knowing it……..

We are probably already sharing stuff with people in our network. E.g. an article we share via our Linkedin status update, a YouTube video we share with our Facebook friends and sending out tweets on Twitter.

Tools that curate content…e.g Alltop, StumbleUpon,, Flipboard (for iPad).

How to do it right and with focus is…………

Do it on a specific topic: sharing interesting stuff with your friends and network is something that most people already do. But if you want people to start seeing you as a Trusted source of information, you need to pick your topic.

Share only the best stuff: the more the merrier is a habit that dies hard. But this is not a volume game. Your network is interested in a lot of things.
Do it continuously: we live in a quickly changing world. News gets out in real time. People expect you to be up to date.


Komal Arora



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