78th Social Media Breakfast!! Simplified Blogging with Posterous

We all gathered at Sagar Ratna once again..!!Members present in the meet up Simar  Daman ji Mani,Nivesh,Nupur,Maryaan and Aashish.

Posterous is an easy, fast blogging service, Easiest way to share you photos, video’s and your idea’s and experiences.! After Posterous Tumbler looks a little Complicated, though tumbler provides lot’s of feature and is certainly more popular but posterous is an easy simple micro blogging site for any new blogger.!

Let’s find out a little history behind Posterous!

Posterous is a simple blogging platform started in May 2008, funded by Y Combinator.It is based in San Francisco

Posterous is similar to other blogging platforms. Posting can be done by logging in to the website’s rich text editor, but it is particularly designed for mobile blogging. Mobile methods include sending an email, with attachments of photos, MP3s, documents, and video (both links and files). Many social media pundits consider Posterous to be the leading free application for life streaming. The platform received wide attention when leading social media expert Mustafa Kaptan declared he was moving his blogging activity entirely to Posterous

Talking about the battle between tumblr and posterous, tumblr is bit confusing and complicated while posterous is simple and easy to use.

But yes it even depends on each individual. A person who has already made an account on tumblr and is extensively using it needs some valid and strong reason to move to posterous.So Both of the blogging sites are different in their aspects.

But in my perspective as a blogger, I would like to maintain just one blog and focus on making it better every day – be it in terms of content or traffic. Be it Posterous or tumblr..It’s all about Blogging!!

Nupur Grover

Corporate Communications

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