The 56th Social Media Breakfast: Change in Klout’s algorithm


As usual, the MeetUp members gathered at Compare Knowledge Center Kolkata at Ray’s IT Park at 6:30 p.m. to participate in the discussion of the 56th Kolkata Chapter of Social Media Breakfast. The discussion was focused on an interesting topic – Change in Klout’s algorithm. Klout is a social media analytics tool and there have been mixed reactions with respect to the change in Klout’s algorithm and Klout is claiming that it is improved and new. However, critics are labeling it as a fiasco and a publicity stunt. Opinions also have been made that Klout is backing specific social media platforms. All the MeetUp members shared their views and contributed with their individual opinions and experiences, showing significant fervor.


The following points were discussed during the 56th Kolkata Chapter of SMBTS:


  • Social media analysts think that the change in the algorithm of Klout has caused to drop many people’s Klout scores.
  • The change in Klout algorithm has drawn severe criticism from different social media circles.
  • Klout is giving more importance to particular social media platforms.
  • People who are using social media platforms are questioning the real worth of Klout algorithm on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.
  • People using Facebook are noticing increases in their Klout scores.


The 56th SMBTS Kolkata Chapter ended with almost everyone agreeing that Klout as a social media analytics tool has drawn a significant amount of criticism because in spite of being active on social media platforms, many have noticed that their Klout scores have dipped and they have not found any valid reason behind that. There are certain downsides that Klout needs to look into.


Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team

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