79th Social media breakfast:Google+ Business Pages..

The Meet Up members assembled at Cafe Coffee day CP.After a week discussion and planning we finally changed the venue of Social media breakfast ,and it was  quite a refreshing change!!

The Topic of discussion was Google+ Business Pages.Finally Google + has launched it’s business pages,so here in the meet up we discussed are Google+pages worth it?What’s in this for us??!

The Following Points were discussed:

  • For business and brands, Google+ pages help you connect with the customers and fans .
  • Google+ will prohibit brands and companies from running contests, promotions, coupons or other promotions on their pages,that’s what is the key difference between Facebook and Google + pages.
  • It’s a new internet marketing strategy by Google +
  •  Google+ allows businesses to share content with their followers and engage with them directly with the business pages.
  • For  social media marketing options could be a massive boon to content marketing  campaigns.
  • Facebook may be at the center of the social world, but Google is positioned firmly at the center of the business world.
  • If  Google+ brand pages are indexed by the crawlers , users seeking information through search will be quick to find a relevant company’s Google+ brand page
  • Brands on the other hand, now have a place where they can make “Less commercial news” available to their loyal followers and supporters

Simarprit Singh, CEO Compare infobase Ltd said:The main challenge in Social Media is to develop a community which is participatory, With keen insight into how Google works and dominance it wishes to attain, some exciting new ideas involving Google+ hangout

But there are some bugs for Google to work out – accounts can only have one administrator at the moment . According to sources Facebook has more than 800 million active users, and according to the Mark Zukerberg   that number is growing every day so it is very difficult for Google + to match up to Facebook’s growing popularity.

While some people still have doubts  about the long-term potential each platform has, it seems  neither Facebook Pages nor Google+ Business Pages will go away anytime soon.

The 79th SMBTS concluded that it’s a new marketing tool by Google + and could make itself the first stop for brand communication, giving a hard time to Facebook!

Nupur Grover

Corporate Communications

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