The 57th Social Media Breakfast kolkata chapter: Google Plus Business Pages

As expected, the MeetUp members assembled at CKCK in Ray’s IT Park at 6:30 p.m. to take part in the discussion of the Social Media Breakfast, 57th Kolkata Chapter. The topic of the discussion was quite motivating – Google Plus Business Pages and what to make of it. In the second week of November, Google Plus has launched its business pages after a wait of a number of months where businesses and personalities can promote themselves. All the MeetUp members chipped in with their personal experiences and opinions, demonstrating considerable enthusiasm.

The following points were discussed in the 57th Kolkata Chapter of Social Media Breakfast:

  • Businesses are predicted to gain from the new Google+ features.
  • Tools like Google+ Badge and Google Plus Widget will help you promote your business.
  • Google Plus business pages will assist in modifying brand communication.
  • When businesses make a post about themselves, their pages are crawled by Google. In this manner, the traffic is increased.
  • Google Plus business pages are playing it safe and all the features are yet to be revealed.
  • In the next year, Google+ business pages together with Google Places and other services will effectively offer helpful services for business users.
  • Anyone can make Google Plus business pages and link them to any Google Places listing.
  • Google Plus business profiles incorporate forward-looking features like Direct Connect and pose a serious competition to Facebook.
  • Google + business pages will be used by businesses and celebrities for promotional purposes.

The 57th SMBTS Kolkata Chapter concluded with nearly everyone consenting that there are some doubts that this move by Google+ will be successful.

Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team




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