80th Social media breakfast-What’s the Future of Indian Mobile Story?

Awesome discussion at the Social Media Breakfast today. The future of mobile economy in India, high-energy debate and understanding the Indian mobile consumer

Here are few Points which we discussed at the Meetup.

Mobile phones have become the most widely used form of information communication.From days when the call charges used to be Rs 32.0 Rs to the present day when it is just one paisa per minute, India has seen it all. When mobile was a device to talk, talk and only talk. Things have changed a lot in the recent past, especially with the mobile phone

To see the future of mobile Phones in this we should go back to our past and see how the mobile Phones were accepted. But now the trend has changed, technology advancement has taken place and lot of people are using mobile phones, from a Rickshaw puller to a Businessman everyone is addicted to technology.

It has been estimated that in India, over 500 million people use mobile phones and thereby, the marketers get the massive opportunity to connect with the masses. Life has certainly become a lot by these mobiles.

 Smart phones are al over the place, it looks as if have already become smart enough to drive the personal computers out of our lives. Life has become lot easier, we don’t have to carry laptops or worry about our work all can be easily done and managed by our smart Phones. Smart phones are portable and efficient and cost less as when compared with the PCs, so why would one go for PC’s now-days when he has got a better and a smart deal of smart phones. Having noticed the importance of mobile phones in people’s lives many international banks/national banks have come up with mobile banking feature. One can manage and transfer funds online with the help of the mobile phone. Developments are taking every Second.

Now that 3G has made its entry in the country, people expect the future of mobile phones in India to flourish more rapidly. You can  view the news , get information about the evening weather or you can cover any event live . You can find out the latest baseball score and any latest news about your favorite sport,3 G technology is the latest development and will soon flourish . But if wee see the current graph not much of users have adapted themselves to the 3G feature because of its cost,it is extremely expensive so if they have to retain their users they will  have to work on the costs.

The conclusion of the discussion was ,Future of Mobile Phones in India is Bright, providedly it  is accepted by the users.

Nupur Grover

Corporate Communication

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