The 58th Social Media Breakfast: What’s the future of Indian Mobile Story


The 58th Social Media Breakfast: What’s the future of Indian Mobile Story

The 58th Social Media Breakfast session was a nice and enjoyable knowledge sharing session. The MeetUp members gathered at CKCK in Ray’s IT Park at 6:30 p.m. to participate in the discussion of the 58th Kolkata Chapter of SMBTS. The topic of the discussion was What’s the future of Indian Mobile Story and it drew a significant amount of attention and zeal. All the MeetUp members made contribution to the discussion with their personal viewpoints.

India as a developing country is yet to undergo the mobile application revolution which has already taken place in the western countries with 3G networking and Smartphones. This is despite the fact that India has the second biggest mobile subscriber’s base in the world after China. This is the first occasion (November 2011) when Google, Apple, and Microsoft are promoting their best range of Smartphones in India. Smartphones are substituting personal computers as main gadgets which might mark the beginning of a post PC epoch. In addition, 3G networks in India are getting impetus.

The following points were discussed in the 58th Kolkata Chapter of SMBTS:

  • Tablets are going to be the catchphrase in the coming few years. They are going to rule the Indian mobile industry.
  • Brands like Samsung, HTC and ZTE are emerging with a variety of tablets to rule the mobile market in India.
  • Of late, Aakash has been launched in the country. It is a low-cost tablet and has been considered as a groundbreaking effort in the Indian mobile industry.
  • The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Rajasthan devised Aakash in collaboration with Datawind and Quad is manufacturing the tablet.
  • The cost of 3G is expensive and this might prevent users to go for it in the beginning. Nonetheless, the price will come down with competition.
  • Mobile service providers will be emphasizing on features like Java/BREW-based applications, MMS content, mobile gaming software and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • There is still plenty of scope for the development of mobile telephony in rural areas. However, networking is a major issue.
  • Uneven population might hinder mobile Internet in village areas.
  • Mobile internet is already growing very fast in India and will get a considerable boost with 3G telephony.
  • People need to get more literate and aware to get the real advantage of mobile Internet and telephony which is going to rise in India.
  • Data usage rates in India can work as a restraint to the extension of mobile Internet.

Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team


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