Brand Yourself!

Branding is the news buzzword in the business sector in today’s time! It has become a very common term in the marketing plan. Each and every company whether it is a big firm or a small enterprise today needs to market itself. Branding now a day has become  important to make a position in the mind of the customers. Branding and marketing go hand in hand, without branding no marketing plan is successful. Branding includes your company’s logo, color schemes, domain name, motto or tag line etc.

Let’s recall what was  the great branding step taken by  MAGGIE noodles?? The first thing that strikes us is the yellow color, and 2 minutes noodles.Maggie kept changing its taglines to make a position in the customers mind. Tag lines such as  ‘Mummy, bhookh lagi hai’ (Mom, I’m hungry), ‘Bas 2-Minute,’ (Only 2 minutes) and ‘Fast to Cook Good to Eat’ effectively communicated the product’s benefits to target consumers.

Your brand says a lot about you and your business. Everything needs to be marketed. Even if you are not a big company and you have positioned yourself well in the market, success will automatically follow.

Few tips to brand yourself in the market

  • Develop a mission statement that shows your reason for being and the value you provide to your customers.
  • Develop a catchy tagline that expresses who you are and what you do
  • Hire a branding company who looks after all the branding and marketing aspects
  • Write and post press releases on your website.
  • Diversify all marketing, PR and media to reach the markets where your clients are to be found
  • Develop a Logo  and identity for yourself in the market. It should be unique and distinctive
  • Be very active in promoting your business online through social networking platforms such as facebook , blogs, twitter and Google+
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Know what they are doing and what practices you are following
  • Content is the king, if you are providing good content customers will be satisfied. So keep a check on the content.
  • Get Involved – Getting involved in the community can make a huge difference for a small business.
  • Support a cause – Getting involved is important, but showing you care is invaluable. Supporting a cause can be something as small as sponsoring a youth sports team, organizing a charity camp or a blood donation camp. Lot of companies follows CSR activities to market and brand them.

Above  tips are useful for any business small or big to brand and position itself in the market.

Nupur Grover

Corporate Communciations

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