The 59th Social Media Breakfast Kolkata: Google+ Brand Pages vs Facebook Fan Pages

The 59th Social Media Breakfast: Google+ Brand Pages vs Facebook Fan Pages

The 59th Social Media Breakfast session was an interesting knowledge sharing session. As usual, the MeetUp members assembled at CKCK in Ray’s IT Park at 6:30 p.m. to take part in the discussion of the 59th Kolkata SMBTS Chapter. The topic of the discussion was Google + Brand Pages vs Facebook Fan Pages and all the MeetUp members took part with a lot of enthusiasm and contributed by adding valuable inputs on the topic.

Recently, in the month of November, Google+ has launched brand pages or business pages. These pages assist businesses to link to their fans like the Facebook fan pages. However, there are some differences lying between these two types of pages. Businesses are mostly going for Google+ brand pages due to the SEO feature incorporated in it. These pages can be used both for business promotion and knowledge sharing.

The following points were discussed in the 59th Kolkata Chapter of SMBTS:

  • The search engine features of Google+ will assist businesses to find out their target groups.
  • There are plenty of similarities between Google+ business pages and Facebook fan pages. Timeline is this kind of a feature.
  • Most of the people who are using Google+ are either celebrities or entrepreneurs. Facebook has also garnered popularity however not to the extent like G+.
  • Google+ gets the support of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts. This helps in enhancing its presence on the web and is a useful feature of this social media platform.
  • Google+ business pages have maximum possibility of being crawled by Google. As a result, they generate increased traffic and this helps the businesses make more revenue.


Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team

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