The 60th Social Media Breakfast, Kolkata: What Makes An App Tapworthy?

As anticipated, the MeetUp members gathered at CKCK in Ray’s IT Park at 6:30 p.m. to participate in the 60th Kolkata Chapter of the Social Media Breakfast. The topic of the discussion was captivating– What Makes an App Tapworthy? Of course, App here refers to the various mobile applications that are fast gaining popularity among the users. Gone are the days when mobile phones were used to just make calls and send SMSs. The technology has advanced over the past few years. Starting from touch screen smartphones to a range of mobile apps, mobile technology is all set to rule the world. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are coming up with new apps almost every day. Marketplaces for apps such as Android Marketplace, Apple App Store, and Windows Marketplace have also been created. All the MeetUp members contributed to the discussion with their individual viewpoints, making it a perfect knowledge sharing session.

Given below are the points that were discussed in the 60th Kolkata Chapter of Social Media Breakfast:

  • Over the past 1-2 years, mobile apps usage has been increasing
  • More and more people are resorting to mobile web browsing from the traditional method of web browsing
  • Mobile apps are garnering popularity. The speed of web browsing is quicker on mobile phones than the conventional mode and it is a unique feature.
  • Many of the mobile applications are offered without charge and it is a boon for the gadget lovers.
  • Nimbuzz is a much preferred mobile application due to accessibility to various platforms at a time
  • Users choose Twitter and Snaptu to connect to Facebook and Nimbus for connecting to Gtalk. All these are handy web browsing platforms.
  • Favorite mobile apps include Whatsapp, Nimbuzz, Gravity, Dabr, Nokia Mail, and Tweetdeck and the list goes on….
  • Whether the mobile apps are tapworthy or not will depend on the user. How easily they can use them is a big factor.
  • Gaming apps is one of the reasons why people are purchasing smartphones and iphones.

Susmit Bharadwaj

Maps of India Team

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