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The 64th Social Media Breakfast(Kolkata): 2011 Roundup and Trends to Watch in 2012

The year 2011 is over and 2012, the New Year, has started with many expectations and aspirations. 2011 has been a year full of many events and anecdotes. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. A number of stories became headlines such as the introduction of Google Plus, campaigns and protests made against various tyrannical dictators through Social Media, and the most recent hackers attack. These were the notable events or trends in 2011. Now what are the trends that we are going to watch in 2012? For discussing this, the MeetUp members gathered at CKCK in Ray’s IT Park at 7:00 p.m. to join in the Social Media Breakfast, 64th Kolkata Chapter. The topic of the discussion was extremely inspiring – 2011 Roundup and Trends to Watch in 2012. This was a perfect opportunity to take a look at the most significant tech/social media stories in 2011 and glance into the future and envisage the trends which are going to rule Social Media and the Internet in 2012.


Given below are the points that have been discussed in the 64th Kolkata Chapter of Social Media Breakfast:


  • The launch of Google+ was an important breakthrough in 2011 as far as Social Media is concerned.
  • In 2012, Facebook will cross 1 Billion users and it is turning out to be a major trend in the year 2012.
  • Social Commerce will garner higher impetus with features like Facebook stores and Facebook credit. This is also going to be an important trend in 2012.
  • Rumors are rife that Facebook will monetize likes.
  • In 2012, Twitter will focus on more value addition. Knowledge sharing and knowledge dissemination are going to rise.
  • In 2012, social commerce or social shopping will grow. Facebook is going to play a key role in facilitating this.
  • In 2012, the significance of Social Media platforms other than Twitter is going to increase.
  • 2012 is going to be the year for moving ahead of engagement. There is a necessity of the transformation of “social” engagement to “real” engagement.


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2011 Roundup and Trends to Watch in 2012 [Update from 86th Social Media Breakfast]

Social / Tech Trends for 2012

Social / Tech Trends for 2012

2011 saw a glorious end. It was quite an eventful year, a roller-coaster ride of global events and stories. We saw many Tech stories dominating the headlines throughout last year, from the launch of Google Plus to protesters using Social Media as a tool and hacking attacks in late December (2011).

We were active throughout the year, meeting religiously every week to discuss, debate, interact and dissect trends in social media and tech world. The last meetup of the year (86th), was re-scheduled to January 6th, 2012 and we discussed the top tech/social media stories of 2011 and attempted to predict the trends which would dominate our world in 2012.

2011 Roundup Plus Trends which would rollover to 2012

Use of Social Media as a Tool for Protesters

This has been a global phenomenon, 2011 has been the year of protests. From unrest in the middle east, Occupy Wall Street to Anna Hazare campaign in India. Even the riots in Britain were touched by tech. (Blackberry messenger remember?) 2011 saw the emergence of Social Media as a tool for protests, with live videos, photo streams, tweets, Facebook updates and mobile text messages. This would be a trend which would rollover to 2012 with a stronger force.

Google Plus Launch

2011 saw Google getting all aggressive with Google Plus. After failed social attempts (Google Buzz, Google Waves, Orkut?) too much was on the line. And end of 2011 saw Google throw its weight behind its Social Network, merging search and social. Google Plus took the spot as the fastest growing social network in history. Some pundits estimate that in 2012 Google Plus would hit 400 million users. But in our discussions, the story was little different. With our friends still on Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus isn’t an exciting option to spend most part of our social media time. What happens in 2012 would be interesting to watch.

Facebook Timeline and IPO

Facebook Timeline was by far the biggest change for Facebook in 2011. Launching Timeline for its 800 million users was quite a feat, with the risk of wrath from people who resist change. 2012 will see Facebook’s IPO come out, a much awaited event. How would Facebook change after that would be interesting to observe. From connecting people to making profit. Also 2012 would see Facebook hitting the 1 billion user mark, are we looking at Social Exhaustion?

Hacking Attacks

Do you remember the news reports about Sony Playstation early in 2011? 70 million Playstation users’ credit card data was compromised causing massive embarrassment and damages to Sony. Then in June Citibank’s 200,000 accounts were compromised. The biggest hit of 2011 was the one which brought MasterCard down – Operation Payback (in response to Julian Assange arrest). Do we have bigger attacks waiting to happen or would the hacker groups be reined in, something to watch in 2012.

Indian Government’s attack on Social Media

We had a meetup on this boiling topic few weeks back. With Indian Government going after Social Networks to censor their content. We did a poll and got 50 responses, check this post for update on it. 2012 would be interesting to watch how this issue evolves, since the Government has given a deadline to websites and social networks to have censorship policies in place.

The Mobile Explosion

2011 saw the emergence of smartphones, a wide array of devices, faster and improved OS’s. From Apple’s iPhone 4S to Google/Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. 2012 seems promising looking at the reports from the CES show in San Francisco. Faster processors, Thinner Tablets and a whole new bag of apps. Let’s hope the prices are the only thing which go south.

On Personal Note

The trends will continue and technologies will evolve. But 2011 was about death of Steve Jobs. Building an iconic company, world’s most loved brand and products which are built with fanatical dedication to quality, where technology transcends to art. Steve revolutionized many industries from mobile to publication. A personal inspiration and an industry icon, he’ll be missed.

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