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How a Social Media Campaign Created 12 Million Impressions in 48 hours – Update From 90th Social Media Breakfast

Update from 90th Social Media Breakfast

We had our 90th Meetup (Social Media Breakfast) last Friday, 9 more meetups till we get to the glorious 100th. In our last meetup the topic was ‘Best Social Media Campaigns’, the focus was to discuss, dissect and analyze some of the best social media campaigns. One hour was too short to do justice to so many case studies, our discussion was centered around few campaigns which we felt connected to. Find below the condensed juice from our discussions, some valuable tips and videos of creative campaigns.

Airtel – Har Friend Zaroori Campaign

I learnt this at a Social Media Conference I attended recently, that Airtel’s (one of India’s Leading Mobile Networks) ‘Har Friend Zaroori’  was one of their low key campaigns. The kind which ends up last in the list. No one thought this low budget, least priority campaign would become such a hit nationwide. To the pooint that now they’re selling HFZ merchandise. As Anshul Chopra pointed out, this campaign was successful in connecting with people’s feelings, it promoted friendship over a product/service, and got an impressive brand upliftment. Watch video if you haven’t seen already.

Channel V – 12 Million Impressions in 48 Hours without spending a media dollar

This is my personal favourite. This is how Channel V mobilized 6000 attendees at a college fest and catapulted their event creating 12 million impressions. The organizers implemented RFID technology in form of wristbands to create real-time promotion of the events at a College Festival. The results were tremendous with 6000+ students swiping their RFID wristbands over 60,000 times to create 12 million+ impressions on Facebook. A lot of buzz, chatter and positive word-of-mouth was created for the brand as it is now officially, the first brand to introduce the RFID concept in India. Watch Video Below:

What about Small Businesses?

For Small Biz – Social Media Campaigns as about Leads, about conversions. It makes me super happy to see how small businesses or simple ideas are catapulted into social limelight by way of creative campaigns. Leveraging the platforms and networks, how some ideas gather the momentum like a snowball. One of the best places to see how ideas/small businesses get going with campaigns is to check out KickStarter. Kickstarter is a platform which in one phrase ‘provides crowd-sourced funding to creative projects’. The community donates and funds ideas with small amounts, the game gets interesting when the networks expand. This is one place where you can see thousands of dollars being generated for an idea in days, all through campaigns, networks and presentation. Check it out

And then some..

Amanpreet also shared details about a ‘Valentines Awards‘ campaign and how it is gathering momentum. Ending our Meetup, we watched some videos which were some of the best creative campaigns we found. How a Korean company gained more marketshare by implementing a simple idea, how Volkswagen got people into the Fast Lane and the extraordinary Pantene commercial, which we all adored.

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