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Tackling biases at workplace


It has been 18 years that Compare has been part of the internet industry. And over the years we have identified that there are certain biases at workplace which exist at both organizational level and at an individual level. They may creep in at any stage; be it the talent acquisition stage, the training phase, during assignment of projects, at the time of appraisal or at the point of exit. There are four prominent biases: Religion, Regional, Gender & Disability bias.

We cannot speak for all but we can speak for team Compare Infobase and this is what we have to say…

The demographic shows a healthy mix of people from different religions and regions. At Compare we are so busy looking at the aptitude and attitude of the candidate that the religious beliefs simply do not matter. The holiday list of the organization ensures that all major festivals are covered. Moreover, there is a zero leave rejection policy around religious festivities. There have been some frowns at times when considering a request has been a very difficult decision due to a project being dangerously behind schedule and all, but we have always tried to be accommodating.

We are proud of the fact that the workforce has a male female ratio of 2.16:1. It has been observed that organizations are apprehensive while hiring female candidates majorly due to the maternity policy concerns, but sadly they miss out on some of the best minds due to this bias. At Compare too there have been cases of abuse of the maternity leave policy but then they are far and few in between. Our female workforce consists of single women, married women and young mothers too.

The ability and disability of a person is gauged from the work performance and there is no other parameter for it. At Compare we have a team member with hearing impairment but that does not affect his performance as a data support person for our projects. He has been associated with the organization for over a decade now and is a valued member. We also had a visually impaired team member whom we trained as a Tele-caller, the organization enrolled him in special classes for learning computer operation. We believe in giving equal opportunity but yes, the disability should not directly hinder the job role. For example, we cannot hire a person with speech impairment for our voice process but she/he is given equal opportunity in a non-voice process.

Having said that, we have to be honest and admit that we do come across some cases of subconscious biases that sometimes creep in but a continuous conscious effort is made to rectify that.  Recently, our founder attended an interesting talk by Smita Tharoor at a Delhi Nasscom event to explore possibility of tackling these too.

What holds this small and happy family together is the spirit of INCLUSIVENESS. At Compare we believe that diversity contributes to the productivity and performance of our organization.

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Mapsofindia is 18 Today


18 years and counting…! Eighteen years before – yes, just two years shy of two full decades – took its first breath of air and popped. It was on 14th September, 1998, to be precise, when a domain under was booked and the site went live a week later, on the 21st. It may be cliché-esque but, to us (Usha, the co-founder, and Simar) it is as if it was only yesterday!’s MapsofIndia section had been redirected to newly launched

Within a year of its launch, Mapsofindia (MoI) became one of the top 100 websites based on traffic in India. With a little more than half a million websites afloat at the time, it was good to be among the top 100 websites in a country that was opening up to the concept of Internet age. By now, MoI’s two competitors – and – have faded (well, almost) into oblivion, while is somewhat a current competitor. On a good day, MoI crosses the traffic Mapmyindia receives in a month. From 250 pages, which was the starting number for the path-breaking website, it has reached to over 300,000 pages today.

In August this year, mobile and desktop users of the website almost became equal. The way things are moving, mobile web users would outnumber the desktop users for now and forever. Around 2 per cent of MoI traffic comes from and in the next five years, it’d have in its fold at least 10 more Indian languages. The languages of the Internet. The languages for the future.

MoI is not yet the largest selling mapping products business on Amazon and, maybe, won’t be one in some time, but it is definitely the most credible map-seller on Currently, MoI’s lifetime rating on Amazon is 93 per cent positive, 6 per cent neutral and 2 per cent negative, with a 100 per cent positive rating in the last 90 days. MoI strives to create useable products at affordable prices. Today, we just want to say and accept that we have, by and large, kept our pace with growth in Internet. Missing opportunities in the face of competition or not, we have successfully maneuvered ourselves to keep going, and that, for me and my team is a remarkable feat.

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