Mapsofindia is 18 Today


18 years and counting…! Eighteen years before – yes, just two years shy of two full decades – took its first breath of air and popped. It was on 14th September, 1998, to be precise, when a domain under was booked and the site went live a week later, on the 21st. It may be cliché-esque but, to us (Usha, the co-founder, and Simar) it is as if it was only yesterday!’s MapsofIndia section had been redirected to newly launched

Within a year of its launch, Mapsofindia (MoI) became one of the top 100 websites based on traffic in India. With a little more than half a million websites afloat at the time, it was good to be among the top 100 websites in a country that was opening up to the concept of Internet age. By now, MoI’s two competitors – and – have faded (well, almost) into oblivion, while is somewhat a current competitor. On a good day, MoI crosses the traffic Mapmyindia receives in a month. From 250 pages, which was the starting number for the path-breaking website, it has reached to over 300,000 pages today.

In August this year, mobile and desktop users of the website almost became equal. The way things are moving, mobile web users would outnumber the desktop users for now and forever. Around 2 per cent of MoI traffic comes from and in the next five years, it’d have in its fold at least 10 more Indian languages. The languages of the Internet. The languages for the future.

MoI is not yet the largest selling mapping products business on Amazon and, maybe, won’t be one in some time, but it is definitely the most credible map-seller on Currently, MoI’s lifetime rating on Amazon is 93 per cent positive, 6 per cent neutral and 2 per cent negative, with a 100 per cent positive rating in the last 90 days. MoI strives to create useable products at affordable prices. Today, we just want to say and accept that we have, by and large, kept our pace with growth in Internet. Missing opportunities in the face of competition or not, we have successfully maneuvered ourselves to keep going, and that, for me and my team is a remarkable feat.

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