Story of our name


On October 7, 1997 we got going as Compare Computers, Registrar of Companies rejected our request as Compare Computers Pvt. Ltd. mentioning it was vague and ambiguous, we went back with Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd, where Infobase was a proper noun coined by us keeping in mind our desire to be a player in information dissemination activity and move away from Computers which we were assembling and selling at that time. So, Infobase it was and we became Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd from Compare Computers in September 1998. Next name changed happened when we dropped Pvt. from our name, that was in 2003. There has been one logo change too, we dropped our unidirectional logo and adopted our own Allwonders hat as our corporate logo.

October 7 holds and we make it a point to thank all who got us going and have kept us going.

Thank you for being there.

Happy Compare Day!

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