Being Current, Credible and Consistent: Why and How


At Compare Infobase Limited, we believe in being current, credible and consistent. This is our raison d’etre. This is what motivates us to give our best, day after day, every single day. And this is what sets us apart.

Being Current: It is vital for our survival that we stay current and keep abreast with the latest developments. We push hard to keep our ideas fresh and content new and interesting. The effort to stay current is gigantic in itself as the website has more than 20,000 pages. This is where the entire team Compare and some of our stakeholders come together and contribute. We bring everyone together to create a shared vision, emerging from their specific personal visions, to build a robust website and streamlining our content to get our message out in a clear manner to engage users. We are aware that the success of a project is everyone’s responsibility.

Being Credible: We have been in existence for the last 18 years and we have taken great pains to establish this brand. We CANNOT, at any point, allow anything to cause a dent to the credibility of our websites. The business is not run with the objective to drink a toast to traffic spikes whenever something newsworthy breaks. Not in the least! In fact, we focus more on the long-term objective of being a website that shares content which is credible and relevant. Yes, sometimes we do take a few hours more to get the news story/ article or map live, but when we do; it is after checking our facts. So that when our audience reads the information on our site, they take decisions which are well informed.

Being Consistent: No website can run for so long and continue to top the search results if it is not consistent. The processes at Compare are well established to ensure that there are no logical contradictions and the information in the form of content or maps is accurate.

We will continue to evolve for the better with our guiding mantra of ‘Current, Credible and Consistent’ and pave with great intentions our orientation towards adopting a ‘Customer-focus’ approach.

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