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We believe In ESHQ !!!

linkedin_post_16novQuite often during orientation when I convey to the new members that “We believe in ESHQ”, I get varied reactions ranging from surprised look, bemused smile to a smirk. I then clarify what we mean, “yes we are in love with our guiding philosophy of being in ESHQ always, and that is ESHQ with an ‘E’ “. At Compare, we all bring to our jobs Entrepreneurship, Speed, Horizon and Quality.

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting. An entrepreneur is a person who has the talent for seeing opportunities, the abilities to develop those opportunities and the courage to take the risks associated with the opportunity. For an entrepreneur Initiative and Innovation are inseparable. The main quality needed is determination to make ideas succeed. An entrepreneur has a never-say-die attitude.

 Speed is vital for the success of an organization, especially when projects are time-bound; however, without compromising the quality. We operate in an environment where our audience needs the information or product on time, hence it becomes vital that we ensure our team members are trained well to cater to the requirements efficiently and in time.

 Horizon, awareness of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred is an essential trait Also important is the ability to find an opportunity where none exists and take on the challenge to follow it and make it successful.

 Quality is the measure of excellence. One must be performance driven and must be able to deliver more and better than the set standards. Benchmarking and measuring performance in any organization is an ongoing process. It is easy to benchmark people and their performances on quantifiable parameters. However, it is a very tough task to judge and benchmark the contribution of an individual towards organizational growth in terms of quality. The world today is waking up to the importance of quality and hence so many quality benchmarking standards are being practiced. At Compare, when a work exceeds the customers (both internal and external) expectations and it ranks high on the satisfaction parameter we believe we are home.

With this guiding philosophy of ‘In ESHQ always’, everyone amongst us is being groomed to become a leader who is not only a thorough professional but also a good human being with values.



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Ownership at Compare: Who is the ‘Asli Maalik’?

 linkedin_post_9novWe often hear the term ‘Asli Maalik’ at Compare. A term which is an important thread in the cultural fabric of the organization. It means a task’s owner can be anyone from the team, it does not matter who is the team head or division head. The accountability lies with the individual and whosoever is the owner of the task will get all the support and necessary resources.


The talent acquisition process of the organization lays great significance on integrity, hence all those who become a part of team Compare come to work with 100% trust of the organization. We believe that individuals we hire, have the capability of taking on the accountability of a task and seeing it through.


The concept of ‘Asli Maalik’ has worked for us beautifully, for team members now make decisions thoughtfully, responsibly, and with more care. There is a sense of ownership which drives their performance. The young hands can take guidance from the experienced brains, but the work would have to be crafted and completed by the task owner.


It takes a lot of maturity at the end of the senior team members to understand and accept this culture. There have been instances when it took a considerable effort to explain the benefits we can reap through this culture. It is true that there have been errors and faults, but the idea is to ensure that the team members support the task owner to achieve the end goal. It is this spirit of ‘We all are a part of it’ that is helping us realize the true essence of ownership. An effort is being made to ensure that the team members are able to express themselves more freely and spontaneously.


The organization is rejoicing in a culture where problem-solving initiatives and creative thinking are encouraged. We are miles away from being the perfect epitome of ’Ownership’; the road is uphill, but we do have a map and it is going to make the journey interesting.

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